Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants For Men in 2020 – Reviews

Deodorants that are free of aluminum and aluminum byproducts are becoming increasingly popular. That’s partly because many people feel like aluminum is a harmful product that should be avoided and is partly because some people have a real sensitivity to it. Regardless of the reason for wanting an aluminum-free product, it’s certainly up to the consumer whether or not to buy them.

Finding a product that’s truly aluminum-free isn’t always easy, however. Although some deodorants claim to be aluminum-free, they often use baking soda that has traces of this metal in it. That’s why we’ve decided to do our research into the subject and find products that were truly free of aluminum. What we discovered are the ten best aluminum-free deodorants for men.

Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants For Men

10Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant


By using the perspiration and odor-fighting properties of magnesium in place of aluminum, this deodorant can fight armpit odor and wetness without irritating the user’s skin. This product effectively neutralizes odor, and while it does that, it also nourishes the skin. That’s because it’s not just made with a quality formulation of magnesium oxide, but is also made with almond oil, beeswax, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. This product glides on smoothly, never irritates the skin, and is made from quality ingredients. That’s probably why it has managed to become one of the best aluminum-free deodorants available.

9Art of Sport Men’s Clear Stick Deodorant


What deodorant is capable of dealing with underarm odor and wetness and do it without aluminum, alcohol, or baking soda? It’s Art of Sport Men’s Deodorant, of course. This formula is free of parabens, petrolatum, and talc, too. It is a deodorant that is capable of handling the underarm odor and wetness of just about any man and do it without using a bunch of chemicals. Instead, it uses the combination of matcha and arrowroot powder to do all of the heavy-lifting to keep armpit odor and perspiration to a bare minimum. Now any man can go about their day with confidence thanks to this deodorant.

8Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Deodorant


This product contains several odor-fighting ingredients but aluminum isn’t one of them. That allows this product to deal with underarm odor for up to 24-hours at a time, but do it without causing skin irritation or clogging up the wearer’s sweat pores. It’s also a deodorant that’s designed for men on the go and will contain to work as hard as the person wearing it. And since it has a clean, masculine scent, just about any guy is going to want to wear it daily. Another thing to like about this product is that it goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave stains on clothing.

7Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant


This natural deodorant from Arm & Hammer is capable of dealing easily with underarm odor and do it without using harmful unnatural ingredients. This product is free of aluminum or parabens, so it won’t irritate a person’s skin and cause red bumps. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this rosemary oil, coriander fruit oil, Lavandin oil, and other natural ingredients. If there’s one complaint a person can make about this product is that it contains triclosan, an ingredient that’s used as an antibacterial agent. However, it uses a very small amount, so it’s generally a well-tolerated product.

6Herban Cowboy Enhanced Men’s Deodorant


People may have heard about the movies Midnight Cowboy, Urban Cowboy, or the song Rhinestone Cowboy, but we’re almost willing to bet that few people have heard about Herban Cowboy deodorant. That’s not too surprising to use, but we believe that’s going to change quickly because this company’s deodorants do get the job done. They take care of underarm odor, and they do it without using aluminum, parabens, or phthalates. They only use a blend of natural ingredients to power their deodorants, and that includes plants such as parsley, sage, and rosemary. That makes it a natural deodorant that everyone is going to want to learn more about.

5Thinksport Bergamot Cedarwood Deodorant


Although just about anyone can make a natural deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum in its formulation, there aren’t a whole lot of companies that can make a product that also takes care of a person’s underarm odor. However, Thinksport is a company that can make an aluminum-free deodorant that works and this product is proof of that success. It’s free of aluminum, parabens, and phthalates, yet it’s a product that’s capable of really stamping out body odor. And because it’s a cruelty-free product that’s manufactured in the U.S and according to strict standards, users can rest assured that it’s a quality deodorant as well.

4Vanicream Gel Deodorant For Sensitive Skin


When it comes to potentially harmful ingredients, aluminum probably should be near the bottom of the list. That’s because there’s a whole lot of different chemicals that certainly don’t do much good for a person’s health. These ingredients can include dyes, fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers. Fortunately, all of those ingredients are missing from this quality deodorant. Other ingredients that are missing from this deodorant include gluten, talc, alcohol, and even baking soda. And of course, it doesn’t contain any aluminum, so men can use it with confidence and know that it won’t irritate their skin while it’s protecting them from underarm odor.

3Crystal Rock Unscented Mineral Men’s Deodorant


This mineral deodorant doesn’t contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Aluminum Zirconium. That’s because it only contains one ingredient and that ingredient are mineral salts. That also means that this unscented deodorant doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates or other harmful chemicals. It’s a hypoallergenic product that will never irritate the user’s skin and can be used without the fear of developing rashes or red bumps. It’s a dermatologist-tested formula that nips underarm odor in the bud and prevents it from coming back. So why use a deodorant that uses aluminum or other harmful ingredients when this product will get rid of armpit odor and do it without the wearer having to worry about it harming their health?

2Botanik Natural Men’s Deodorant


It’s easy to check this deodorant’s ingredient’s list and find out that it doesn’t contain aluminum because it only has a handful of ingredients in it at all. This product only contains carnauba wax, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, shea butter, arrowroot powder, and evergreen essential oils. That means that it’s not only free of the metal in question but is also free of other ingredients that consumers may want to avoid such as propylene glycol, paraben, and BPA. This product also doesn’t fight body odor and wetness by stuffing up sweat glands but instead eliminates it by fighting the bacteria that causes the odor and by absorbing excess armpit moisture.

1Mountaineer Brand Natural Deodorant Stick


This deodorant is not only missing aluminum in its formulation, but it’s also missing several ingredients that are either harmful or believed to be harmful. The ingredients that won’t be found in this formulation include parabens or artificial fragrances. It eliminates odor and wetness by using two powerful ingredients that work together to absorb moisture, and these two ingredients are baking soda and arrowroot powder. And it uses a special form of baking soda that is also made without using aluminum. This product uses Vitamin E, shea butter, and coconut oil that protects sensitive skin and prevents it from drying out.

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