Best Arm & Hammer Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

Even though Arm & Hammer first started selling their line of bicarbonate soda in the 1840s and would then begin to incorporate the product into clothes detergents during the 1970s, it wasn’t until the 1980s that this company would begin to put their product into a wide variety of consumer products. They began to put it into carpet deodorizers, toothpaste and of course, deodorant. Now they have a large line of products designed to combat odor and wetness.

Looking over its complete line, however, it can be difficult for the average person to single out just one of their deodorants that they would like to try. Do they choose from their Natural line or from their Ultramax line—or maybe one of their other products? To sort things out, we’ve decided to list the 10 best Arm & Hammer deodorants available, so consumers can choose the one right for them.

Best Arm & Hammer Deodorants

8Arm & Hammer Ultramax Solid Powder Fresh Antiperspirant


Arm & Hammer Ultramax Powder Fresh antiperspirant solid is a product that’s designed to provide the wearer with the highest level of odor and wetness protection, but do it without having an overpowering or masculine scent. Although this product has a nice scent that smells like fresh, clean powder, it also has the ability to fight some of the toughest underarm perspiration and odor possible. This solid goes on smoothly and once applied will provide up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection. It’s a product that will help just about anyone get through their workday with the utmost confidence possible. All of which makes this the best Arm & Hammer deodorant currently available for use.

7Arm & Hammer Ultramax Unscented Invisible Solid


Because this deodorant is unscented, some people may be reluctant to try it, but in our opinion, that would be a mistake. That’s because this is one of the most effective antiperspirants currently available and also manages to stomp down underarm odor at the same time. That’s because this product doesn’t try to cover up a person’s natural scent but tries to create a more balanced underarm environment. Using ingredients such as castor oil, corn starch, and baking soda, it’s able to reduce the ability of underarm bacteria to produce foul odors and also helps to absorb moisture. Its blend of 19% Aluminum Zirconium works to reduce perspiration by preventing it in the first place. The combination creates a maximum strength antiperspirant that has to be tried to be believed.

6Arm & Hammer Essential Natural Fresh-Scent Deodorant


More and more people are discussing the merits of using Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant and there’s a good reason why that’s happening. That’s because this product is capable of squashing underarm odor, and do it without having a bunch of unnatural ingredients in it. Using a blend of baking soda and natural deodorizers, this deodorant is able to restore balance to the wearer’s armpits, and prevent body odor from springing up in the first place. Some of the ingredients found in this natural deodorant include coriander fruit oil, rosemary leaf oil, and Lavandin oil. And it also has a pleasant fresh scent to it.

5Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Clear Gel Cool Blast


What makes Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Clear Gel so effective against underarm perspiration? The main ingredient that makes this antiperspirant so effective is its 19% solution of Aluminum Zirconium. This is just almost prescription level wetness protection, the type that’s usually reserved for people with sweating conditions such as Hyperhidrosis. This ingredient is immediately absorbed into the sweat glands of the person’s skin and works as sort of a chemical block. It prevents the sweat gland from producing sweat, which leaves the wearer feeling confident and dry for a full 24-hours at a time. And the fact that its a clear gel means that it’s easy to apply and stays exactly where it’s placed. This product also has Cool Blast scent that’s exhilarating enough to get just about anyone through their workday or their evening out on the town.

4Arm & Hammer Ultramax Active Sport Deodorant


Ultramax Active Sport antiperspirant is designed for people who lead extremely hectic lifestyles and need some of the highest wetness protection possible. This product is made with a solution of 19% Aluminum Zirconium, which puts it into the category with products meant to deal with Hyperhidrosis and other sweating conditions. This ingredient is designed to block up the sweat gland, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about wet armpits or pit stains for up to 24-hours at a time. It’s an invisible solid stick, it goes on cleanly and without a messy residue. And it’s Active Sport Scent is quite a treat to the nose.

3Arm & Hammer Ultra-Max Dry Spray Confidence Scent


Not everyone is comfortable using an invisible solid or a sometimes messy antiperspirant clear gel. Sometimes all someone wants is an antiperspirant that sprays on dryly and does it without feeling like their underarms have just been soaked down with a fire hose. In those instances, this dry deodorant spray is ready to come to the rescue. It sprays on dryly and is capable of providing up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection. It never leaves any messy residue, has a fresh scent aptly named Confidence, and helps people get through their workday without body odor or wetness. And since it’s a motion-response formula, the harder the wearer works, the harder this deodorant works.

2Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Invisible Solid Cool Blast


Anyone who needs advanced sweat control may want to take a closer look at this antiperspirant. It’s an invisible solid that’s designed to be easy to apply and to go on the underarm area smoothly. Once applied, it provides up to 48-hours of odor protection, which is more than enough protection than what ordinary people need. It also provides up to 2-days of wetness protection, so the wearer never has to worry about wet armpits while they’re going through their day. And since it has a crisp and exhilarating Cool Blast scent, just about anyone is going to enjoy wearing it.

1Arm & Hammer Essentials Unscented Natural Deodorant


Arm & Hammer Naturals Unscented is designed to be a deodorant that effectively combats underarm odor but does it without all of the chemicals that can be found in the deodorants of other brands. Since this product is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, it doesn’t contain any aluminum by-products, an ingredient which some people are trying hard to avoid nowadays. And since it’s unscented, it also doesn’t have fragrances in it that could potentially be irritating to sensitive skin. This product is also free of parabens, colorants and animal-derived products, so consumers can use it with confidence on a daily basis.

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