Best Calvin Klein Perfumes in 2020 – Reviews

When Calvin Klein was originally founded during the late 1960s, they quickly established themselves as a company that emphasized a very minimalist style. Today, they’re not only known for their classic designs but are also known for their casual and underwear collections—and most notable to us—their wonderful line of fragrances.

Although the fragrance arm of this company isn’t as old as the rest of the company, having only been established during the early 1980s, they’ve managed to release almost 200 of the most interesting and unique perfumes available in the industry today, and that’s why we’ve decided to review some of the best Calvin Klein perfumes currently available.

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes

10Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum


Even though Obsession is one of the original perfumes released by Calvin Klein and has been in rotation since 1985, it’s still considered to be one of the best perfumes made by this company and we feel like we have to concur with that statement. This fragrance was originally designed by Jean Guichard, and it’s a fragrant collection of spices, fruity and floral notes, and woods. At the top of this fragrance, the wearer will notice notes of basil, lemon, bergamot, peaches, and vanilla. Its heart notes consist of cedar, sandalwood, Bulgarian rose, and spices. And all of these notes rests upon a base that includes notes of amber, musk, civet, and oakmoss.

9Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum


This perfume by Calvin Klein is designed to not only inject the wearer with an aura of glamour but also give them a vibe of sensuality and sexuality. This perfume is an Oriental fragrance that combines black orchids with a variety of exotic fruits and feminine florals. Some of the notes that the wearer can expect to experience in this perfume includes mahogany, champaca flowers, persimmon, cream, amber, and pomegranate. It’s a fragrance with a soft sillage and moderate longevity that can be worn all day and all night long. It’s also a fragrance that can be worn not only during the spring and summer months but all year long.

8Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Parfum


Eternity is a perfume that was first released by Calvin Klein in 1988 and was created by the acclaimed perfumer Sophia Grojsman. It’s a fragrance that has been one of their most iconic scents and there’s a good reason for that fact: it’s a fine perfume. This fragrance has a floral/spicy composition that’s very alluring and is followed by green and floral notes. At its top, this perfume has notes of citrus, green notes, freesia, age, and Mandarin orange. At its heart, this fragrance has notes of lily, jasmine, violet, and rose. Finally, it has a base of musk, heliotrope, amber, and sandalwood.

7Calvin Klein Fragrance Women Eau de Parfum


Released during the summer of 2018, this perfume is designed to be the epitome of feminity. It was created by Honorine Blanc and Annick Menardo, and its scent composition is designed from the bottom up to be a feminine fragrance. At its top, this perfume has notes of Mandarin oranges, bergamot, lemons, and black pepper. At its heart are notes of orange blossoms, jasmine, magnolia, raspberry, and green tea. And finally, at its base, the wearer will notice hints of cedar, white musk, and cashmere. It’s a fragrance that will release the goddess in every woman and it’s a scent that can be worn all year round.

6Calvin Klein Ck One Summer ’19


Every year, Calvin Klein comes up with a different CK One scent every single and each of these scents is supposed to be a representative of the summer it’s released. This one, for example, represents the summer of 2019, and it just so happens to be one of our favorite scents from this collection. Unfortunately, since it’s a limited edition, we don’t know how long it’s going to be available, but we do know its a scent that people should try if they get a chance. Some of the notes that can be found in this perfume include top notes of water, heart notes of green tea, and base notes of driftwood.

5Calvin Klein Obsessed For Women


Anyone who thinks that this perfume has a name that’s very similar to Calvin Klein Obsession is going to have to give themselves a pat on the back because this fragrance is indeed meant to be a reinvention of their perfume Obsession. In this reinvention, the wearer will remember traces of that earlier fragrance but with more of a twist on it. The notes that can be found in this perfume include citrus fruits, neroli, and bergamot at its top; lavender, Bulgarian rose and orange blossoms at its heart; and musk at its base. It was a perfume released in 2017 and is sure to be one that eventually becomes a classic.

4Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Aqua


Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Aqua is a subtle fragrance with a composition that appears to be a cross between watery notes, citrus, and woodsy notes. At the top of this composition, the wearer will notice notes of citrus fruits, green notes, lotus, and watery notes. At its heart, this fragrance has notes of cedar, plum, lavender, and pepper. And at its base, the wearer will notice musk, sandalwood, and patchouli notes. All of this comes together to make a truly impressive summer scent that men are going to love. It’s a fragrance that’s a little short-lived but is still one that smells good while it lasts.

3Calvin Klein Eternity Flame Perfume


This quality perfume was released by Calvin Klein in 2019 and we find its scent to be truly alluring. It’s a fragrance that’s designed to be a combination of fruits and florals that are blended to create a luxurious Oriental perfume. Some of the notes that can be found in this fragrance include Mandarin oranges, labdanum, and sweet pea. It’s a scent with moderate sillage and longevity and shines down to a warm and sensual finish that’s fresh and additive. Feeling like a woman is easy while wearing this perfume and that’s for sure. That’s why we’ve decided that it belongs among some of the best Calvin Klein perfumes.

2Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Perfume


If you’re looking for a Calvin Klein fragrance that has deep woodsy and floral notes to it, then you’ll probably want to take a whiff of Deep Euphoria. This perfume was developed under the nose of Ann Gottlieb and Honorine Blanc and was released to the public in 2016. It has top notes of white pepper and Mandarin leaf, heart notes that include notes of geranium, peony, and black rose, and bottom notes that include the notes of patchouli, musk, and deep forest woods. It’s a scent that women love to wear and a scent that gives them a very seductive and dangerous feeling.

1Calvin Klein Eternity Air Perfume


Although this airy fragrance might be a little too slight for some noses, for us, it was a nice fragrance that we enjoyed fully. This perfume has top notes of grapefruit, ozone, and black currant. It also has heart notes of pear, lily, and peony. And holding up these light fragrances is the lightest of frameworks that feature notes of musk, ambergris, and cedar. Altogether, these fragrances combine to make this perfume something a bit special. This is the perfect summer scent for any woman who is looking for a perfume that reinforces her understated feminity. We know that we enjoyed it quite a bit.

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A Guide To Calvin Klein’s Perfumes

Calvin Klein is such a household name that many people feel like they know everything they could know about it, but we understand that probably isn’t the case, so we decided to whip up this impromptu guide to Calvin Klein fragrances. So if you have a few moments, and not only are interested in buying the best Calvin Klein perfumes but are also interested in the history of the company, then you’re probably going to want to follow along with us as we lay out this whole company’s history and perfume lines before our faithful readers.

The History Of Calvin Klein Fragrances

Before we delve into their perfume lines, we thought that we’d take a few moments to introduce this company to our readers. And to fully appreciate all of their fragrances, we first have to delve back to the times before they even created their perfume lines. Back to 1968, when it all started. 

It was in 1968 that Calvin Klein and business partner Barry K. Schwartz began their company. A coat shop that was in the York Hotel. That original store began selling coats and dresses, and then as the company moved through the 1970s, they began to sell a variety of sportswear, lingerie, and blazers. It wasn’t until 1981, however, that they decided to launch a fragrance line. 

Their first perfume was Calvin, which immediately enjoyed a measure of success. Over the years, they released other high demand fragrances including Obsession in 85, CK One in 94, and Beauty in 2010. Now they have over 163+ fragrances in the collection—which gives their fans a huge amount of scents to sort through in order for them to find the perfect one. 

The Calvin Klein Collections

Okay, with our top ten list and history of the company behind us, it’s time to talk about some of the fragrance collections that Calvin Klein has produced over the years. Although it’s pretty much impossible for us to cover all of their fragrances—we can cover some of the ones that we think are the most important. Having said that, take a look at the following fragrance collections and see which ones are worth considering and which ones may just as well be passed over. Some people may notice that several of their collections are missing from this section and that’s mainly due to the perfumes in those collections being included in our list of the best Calvin Klein perfumes. The following are fragrances that we didn’t have the chance to cover in more detail elsewhere. 

Calvin Klein Beauty

Calvin Klein Beauty is one of their newer lines, but it’s such a great collection we feel it needs to be discussed. These are fragrances that are designed to be elegant, but do it in a way without being explicitly sexual. The following perfumes are some of the ones in this collection.

  • Beauty (2010)
  • Sheer Beauty (2012)
  • Sheer Beauty Essence (2013)

Calvin Klein Encounter

At the time of the writing of this guide, there were only two colognes for men in this collection, but we do feel that we need to include them in our little guide. These are colognes that are designed to be masculine, seductive, and even mysterious. These colognes have notes that include citrus and libation based top notes (mojito or rum); middle notes that include fragrant essences such as cardamom, lavender, jasmine, pepper, or patchouli; and base notes that are sensual or earthy and include such notes as musk, cedar, or sandalwood. Some of the colognes in this collection include:

  • Encounter (2012)
  • Encounter Fresh (2013)

Calvin Klein Reveal

Another collection that often gets passed over by informative guides on Calvin Klein fragrances is the Reveal Collection. This collection only consists of two fragrances, one designed for women and one designed for men, but they are quite exceptional fragrances. They consist of top notes that may include such notes as salt, pepper, melon, ginger or brandy; heart notes that include notes of suede, clary sage, iris, ambergris, or agave; and base notes that include notes of amber, vetiver, Tonka bean, musk, cashmere, or sandalwood. The fragrances that are found in this collection include:

  • Reveal (2014)
  • Reveal Men (2015)

Calvin Klein Truth

The last fragrance line we would like to discuss is the Calvin Klein Truth Collection. This collection started in 2000 and the last fragrance added to it was in 2003. It consists of perfumes and colognes that are fresh, so they enhance the wearer’s natural scent and doesn’t cover it up. The fragrances in this collection have top notes that include notes of citrus, green notes, or bamboo notes. They also have middle notes that are floral and/or fruity, as well as base notes that are warm such as amber, vanilla, sandalwood, or musk. Some of the fragrances in this collection include:

  • Truth (2000)
  • Truth For Men (2002)
  • Truth Lush (2002)
  • Truth Sensual Bedtime Fragrance (2003)