Best Chloe Perfumes in 2020 – Reviews

Chloe is a fashion house that’s been around since the 1950s and is credited with creating ready to wear designs that could be enjoyed off of the rack. Although they were quite popular in this area of fashion, they decided to release their first fragrance in 1975—known simply as Parfums Chloe. Ever since then, they’ve been creating fascinating perfumes that definitely deserve a second look.

In the decades since they released their signature perfume, Chloe has created almost 3 dozen different fragrance. Many more than want the average consumer can be expected to try out for themselves. That is why we’ve decided to find the ten best Chloe perfumes for ourselves, so consumers don’t have to sort through a whole lot of different fragrances to find the one that’s right for them.

Best Chloe Perfumes

10Narcisse by Parfums Chloe for Women


Although this is technically an EDT spray and not a Chloe perfume, it’s one of the more interesting scents produced by this brand. That’s because its top notes are both floral and fruity, it’s heart notes smell like a spring bouquet, and its base notes are well grounded in fall woods. At its peak, the wearer will smell notes of pineapple, peach, apricot, orange blossoms, and marigolds. Its heart contains notes of violets, roses, gardenias, carnations, and jasmine. And its base is full of cedar, sandalwood and vanilla notes that aim to please. All of which makes it a pretty complex spray that smells of flowers and fruit.

9Chloe By Karl Lagerfeld For Women


This fragrance is the one that started Chloe’s expedition into the perfume world, and it remains one of their best scents. This perfume was initially launched in 1975 and has been known ever since then for having fruity top notes, floral middle notes, and well-grounded base notes. Although this isn’t the original scent that was launched, it’s a fine reimagining that captures the spirit of the original. It has top notes which include coconut, hyacinth, peach, ylang-ylang, and lilac. It has middle notes of rose, carnation and orris root and has a base note which includes cedar, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

8Chloe Love Story Eau de Parfums


First released in 2014, Chloe Love Story is a perfume that’s inspired by roses and by romance. It has citrusy top notes that include notes of pear, lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit. It’s heart notes, on the other hand, are more floral and contain notes of rose, orange blossoms, and black currant. As this scent finishes, it comes into its base notes which include an earthy base of patchouli, cedar, and musk. And since it has a moderate sillage and longevity, this perfume is a perfect one for putting on before a night out on the town or a romantic dinner with your beloved.

7Roses de Chloe Women’s Perfume


This perfume was Chloe’s first release in their Rose Perfume Collection and continues to be a favorite for many women. It was first released in 2008 and is the perfumer’s attempt to capture the rose gardens of Paris. It has fragrant top notes of lemon, bergamot, and tarragon. Although this perfume’s heart notes are a bit crowded, they’re also some of the most interesting. It contains fragrances of peach, cedar, apple, peach, magnolia and of course, roses. This fragrance’s base is a bit simpler, however, and only has the notes of amber and white musk. Although it’s not quite like walking through a rose garden, it is pretty close.

6Chloe New For Women Spray


Manufactured in France, this product is made from the highest ingredients to create an enchanting experience that many women will enjoy. This perform has a moderate sillage but is designed to have a long-last scent profile, so a woman can put it on in the morning and expect it to continue throughout the evening. This scent profile has floral top notes of peony, heart notes that are full of magnolia and roses, and base notes of ambergris mixed with cedar. All of this comes together to form a perfume that is classy, sweet and always very fragrant.

5Chloe Fleur de Parfum


This perfume’s beige bow says everything you could ever want to know about this floral perfume. It’s designed to be a fragrant composition that contains bouquets of flowers but is also designed to be a bit muted. In other words, the perfume wants to make the wearer smell like flowers but they don’t want to overwhelm their senses with a floral scent. It accomplished this balancing act by combining top notes of grapefruit and verbena with heart notes of roses and cherry blossoms. It then blends in notes of cedar and white musk to keep it all grounded. This makes it a floral perfume that’s not overly flowery.

4Chloe Nomade Eau de Parfum Spray


Even though this fragrance hasn’t been around as long as other Chloe perfumes and was only released in 2018, it still is managing to push itself towards the front of the pack. That’s probably because this perfume designed by Quentin Bisch is a fragrant chypre that’s based on citrus top notes, floral heart notes, and earthier base notes. At its top, it includes notes of Mirabelle, orange, bergamot, and lemon. Its heart notes include such fragrant florals as rose, jasmine, freesia and peach blossoms. And finally, at its very base are notes of white musk, sandalwood, and moss. All of which combine to make it a bold perfume for adventurous women.

3Chloe Intense Eau de Parfum Spray


Although this perfume has a quaint little bottle that might go unnoticed on a table crowded with other perfumes, what’s inside it is one of the most classic, yet unique scents a woman can wear. This fragrance was launched in the fall of 2009 and is built entirely around rose scents. And although most perfumes can be identified by their top notes, heart notes and base notes, this fragrant composition has just one layer of fragrances that come out very strongly and last an extremely long time. This perfume includes notes of rose, Tonka bean, sandalwood, and pink pepper. However, some people may not like its heavy sillage, but for those who enjoy an intense perfume, it’s pure heaven.

2See By Chloe


Released three years before Chloe Si Belle, See By Chloe perfume is one that’s been around for a while but one that definitely doesn’t disappoint. It has a simple fluted bottle and contains a fragrance that’s often considered as energetic and stylish. With this perfume, it all starts with its top notes, which are a blend of apple blossoms and bergamot. These top notes quickly yield to the heart notes of this scent, however, and don’t have a lot of impact on the overall composition. This fragrance’s middle is what really holds it up. This is because it’s an exotic blend of ylang-ylang and jasmine that’s supported over a network of musk and vanilla notes.

1Chloe See By Chloe Si Belle


Released in 2015, Chloe See By Chloe Si Belle is a perfume spray that was first developed by Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Louise Turner as a modern floral scent. And it has quite a bit going for it if we do say so ourselves. This perfume has very fresh top notes of neroli, cucumber, and fresh green leaves. Although its top notes are a bit green, it’s heart notes are actually a bit fruitier and have notes of apple, peach and orange blossoms. Supporting this perfume is a definitively floral scent that’s mixed with earthier tones. It’s coconut, vanilla, and white musk mingling with gardenias and roses.

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A Guide To Chloe Perfume

Although Chloe hasn’t been around as long as some other fashion houses, they have made a big impact in only a few decades. Now many people see this company as one of the premier fragrance fashion houses of the 21st century, and there’s a good reason why. Since the mid-1970s, they’ve been making some of the most exciting fragrances that any fragrance house has created. And that’s saying quite a lot considering the competition they’re up against.

One of the reasons for this brand’s success is that they now have quite a selection of fragrances to choose from—including such amazing scents as Chloe Roses, Chloe Nomade, and Chloe New to name just a few. Unfortunately, such a diverse selection of perfumes can make it difficult for the average person to choose a favorite without having to buy several bottles of different brands to test them out. That’s why we’ve decided to provide a solution to that problem by writing this guide. A guide designed to help our readers choose the best Chloe Perfume for themselves.

The History Of Chloe Perfume

Chloe is a fashion house that was founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. The fashion house was built on the very simple concept of designing luxury Ready-To-Wear for the consumer. They were quite successful over the next few years and in the early 1970s, they would open a Chloe Boutique. Just after that, in 1975, they released their first perfume, Parfums Chloe. This perfume had beautiful top notes of coconut, honeysuckle, peach, and lilac. It also had heart notes of rose, jasmine, and carnation. And at its bottom were notes of cedar, amber, and sandalwood. This scent would become their foundational fragrance, and would soon be joined by a host of other great fragrances.

Choosing A Signature Chloe Perfume

As we discussed previously, it can be difficult for some people to choose from among the many Chloe perfumes, so we decided to address that problem here. Finding a Chloe fragrance doesn’t have to be difficult if the consumer takes the time to figure out what’s their signature scent is. Once they’ve figured out which note profiles work best for them, it becomes quite easy to find the best Chloe perfume for themselves.

The first step in choosing a scent profile is for the consumer to think about which scents smell better on them. Just about everyone has had experience with perfumes of all types, so most people have a general idea of whether they prefer a floral scent over a woody scent or a citrus scent over an oriental fragrance. Perfume manufacturers often use what is called a Fragrance Wheel to categorize each scent. Below is a basic overview of a Fragrance Wheel that will help consumers come closer to choosing the best Chloe perfume for their style. Let’s begin.

At its most basic level, the Fragrance Wheel consists of four basic scents. These scents include Floral Notes, Oriental Notes, Woody Notes, and Fresh Notes. These notes can be further broken down into subcategories; subcategories that we summarize in the list below.

Floral Sub-Notes

  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Soft Floral
  • Oriental Floral

Oriental Sub-Notes

  • Soft Oriental
  • Oriental
  • Woody Oriental

Woody Sub-Notes

  • Woody
  • Mossy Wood
  • Dry Wood
  • Aromatic

Fresh Sub-Notes

  • Aromatic
  • Citrus
  • Water
  • Green
  • Fruity

As can be seen in the above lists, there is some overlap between the notes, meaning that there are notes that straddle the line between the individual notes. Having said that, most scents stand out from one another and most people are capable of distinguishing between these different types of notes. For example, no one would confuse apple or orange blossom notes for oakmoss or sandalwood notes. Therefore, these notes are the key that people can use to choose their signature scent.

The Final Step

Once the consumer has decided whether they prefer a woody perfume, a fresh perfume or something in between, they can match their preferences with the type of Chloe perfume that best aligns with their signature scent. Below are some common Chloe perfumes and what category they tend to fall into, so our readers can use it as an example.

Chloe Narcisse: 

Chloe Narcisse is a fruity/floral perfume that has top notes of pineapple, apricot, peach and orange blossom. It has heart notes of rose oil, carnation, and Narcisse. And it has base notes of cedar, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Chloe See

Chloe See is a fruity/floral perfume with top notes of bergamot, and apple blossom. It has middle notes of ylang-ylang and jasmine and also has base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.

Chloe Intense Eau de Parfum

Chloe Intense is a perfume that’s built around rose scents and therefore, it’s a floral based perfume. Although top, middle and base notes aren’t easily separated in this fragrance, it does contain the notes of rose, pink pepper, and sandalwood.

Putting It All Together

If everyone who reads this guide applies the information contained within it to their next Chloe perfume purchase, then they’re more likely to buy a scent that sums up their style or is useful for any situation that might arise.