Best Coconut Perfumes in 2020 – Reviews

The scent of coconut is enough to release a euphony of good feelings in whoever has the pleasure of smelling it. It can conjure up images of tropical islands with windswept beaches, and endless summer days. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy finding perfumes that use coconut as their crux around which they build their perfumes. And that’s why we’ve decided to search for some of the fragrances that do.

And we have to say, it was truly difficult finding coconut-based perfumes. Sure, there were a lot of fragrances that used coconut as an ancillary note that serves to support the fragrances’ main note, but few had coconut as their primary scent. After a long search, we did find some, however, and we listed the best coconut perfumes below for all of our readers to save them the pain of searching on their own.

Best Coconut Perfumes

10Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray


Ariana Grande’s Cloud is hands-down one of the best coconut perfumes around. This fragrance places coconut right at the heart of the perfume and uses a variety of floral and fruity notes to support those creamy coconut notes. At the top of this perfume, the wearer will notice light traces of bergamot, pear, and lavender. After that dries-down, the fragrance then moves into its heart; a heart that’s filled to the brim with notes of coconut, praline, whipped cream, and vanilla flowers. And finally, at the base, the user will notice woody and musky notes that bring the perfume’s entire composition together. Bravo, Ariana Grande, bravo.

9Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Eau de Parfum


It would be easy for many people to dismiss this fragrance from Sara Jessica Parker as just another celebrity perfume, but for coconut lovers that would be a tragic mistake. This perfume is actually a sophisticated and sensual fragrance that uses coconut and two other notes to create something truly special. The three notes in this perfume include coconut, of course, but also notes of vanilla and white flowers. This makes this a very sexy coconut fragrance that doesn’t make it smell too tropical. It’s a beautiful fragrance that many people are going to want to try out—particularly coconut fans.

8Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist


Even though this coconut-scented product is an EDT spray, or more technically speaking, a fragrance mist, it still has the scent that we feel coconut fans are looking for. This spray is a refreshing blend of coconut, lily-of-the-valley, aloe vera, and vanilla. It’s a spray that has moderate sillage and longevity and sprays on easily. It’s a scent that is ideal for the summer months, of course but is surprisingly also good for the fall and winter months as well. Anyone looking for a great coconut fragrance for daily-wear is probably going to want to give this scent a try.

7Bath & Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut


This fragrance by Bath & Body Works is named Waikiki Beach Coconut and we think that name suits it quite well. This fragrance was first released in 2015 and features coconut notes mingled with bamboo, and notes of the ocean to give this fragrance a true beach fragrance. This scent has top notes of bamboo, sea notes, and coconut; heart notes of coconut, jasmine, and passionflower; and base notes that include notes of sandalwood and woodsy notes. All of this makes this a great “beach” fragrance that’s perfect for wearing all summer long. It’s also a fragrance with a moderate sillage and a surprisingly impressive “hang-time.”

6Bath & Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset


Another great fragrance available from Bath & Body Works is their Oahu Coconut Sunset fragrance. This body mist was initially released in 2015, and ever since it’s been a fragrance embraced by beach party enthusiasts all over the world. This fragrance starts with notes of coconut, bergamot, and strelitzia that gives it a fruity beginning, and then it eases into its heart notes. The heart notes in this fragrance include a blend of Tiare flower, lily, and tuberose. And at its finish, right at its base, the wearer can then expect notes of amber, sea salt, and incense. All of which makes it a wonderful summer scent.

5Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume


Initially released in 2010, Indian Coconut Nectar is an intoxicating blend of essential oils that are placed in a perfume formula made with natural ingredients. Although this fragrance’s sillage is a little too soft for some people, and it doesn’t last very long on the skin once it’s been applied, it is a beautiful scent while it lasts. This fragrance is a combination of coconut, vetiver, and vanilla that whisks the wearer’s imagination away to the tropics. This is a fragrance that makes people think of warm sunned beaches and rippling tropical waves. It’s also a fragrance that’s reasonably priced.

4Lavanila The Healthy Fragrance: Vanilla Coconut


Lavanila Vanilla Coconut fragrance is a perfume that’s been around for quite some time now. It was originally released in 2007 as an Oriental/vanilla fragrance that contains a subtle coconut base. Although the coconut in this perfume isn’t as pronounced as it is in some other fragrances, we do think that its understated nature might be exactly what some people are looking for in a coconut perfume. This fragrance begins with a single Tiare flower note, a scent that gentle transitions into heart notes of sandalwood and heliotrope. At its base are where the coconut scent can be found, and this sweet fragrance is mixed with a touch of vanilla to complete the tropical effect.

3Royal Hawaiian Wicked Wahine Perfume


This perfume is a combination of tropical flowers that’s been mixed with just a little bit of coconut. Although we would’ve liked it better if the coconut fragrance was a little more pronounced and wasn’t hidden behind a tropical floral scent, it is otherwise a great coconut perfume. This perfume begins with notes of orange blossoms and roses and then begins to slowly enter into heart notes of coconut and Hawaiian jasmine. And all of this is supported by a sensual base of musk and sandalwood. It’s a perfume that’s sure to make the wearer feel like their sunning themselves on a Hawaiian beach.

2Guess Dare EDT Spray for Women


The first thing we noticed about this perfume when we initially reviewed it was its beautiful bottle. This EDT spray came in a pale pink flacon with a gold cap and impressions in it that look like rivets. Just by looking at the bottle, no one would realize that this wasn’t just another designer perfume but was one of the best coconut perfumes around. This elixir begins with top notes that include lemons, pears, and kumquats; heart notes that incorporate the scents of cactus flower, jasmine, and wild roses; and base notes that include the scents of musk, wood, and of course, coconut.

1Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Body Mist


Although many people may accidentally mistake this body mist for a sunscreen lotion–which isn’t all that surprising considering that it is a Hawaiian Tropic product—it is a very nice coconut perfume. Before we talk about the notes found in it, let us state clearly that this product will not protect the wearer from damage from UV radiation. What it will do, on the other hand, is give the wearer a tropical feeling every single time they smell it. This fragrance has two single notes that run through the entire product. The first note is that of wild coconut, and the second note is pineapple.

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A Guide To Coconut Perfumes & Fragrances

While we researched coconut perfumes, we noticed two things about fragrances in this category. One, finding a coconut-based fragrance isn’t always easy, to begin with, and two, if the coconut perfume isn’t well made, then the wearer can end up smelling like someone dumped a pina-colada on them. Therefore, it’s important for anyone looking to purchase a fragrance with this scent to make sure they do their homework first.

Since we understand that most of our readers are busy people with hectic lives and that they don’t want to spend what little precious time they do have researching coconut-based perfumes, we’ve decided to do this homework for them. The following guide should help all of our readers find the best coconut perfume for their needs. If that sounds good, then let us begin. 

Useful Information About Coconuts

Before we do a deep dive into coconut-scented perfumes, we would like to take some time about the coconuts themselves. For those of you who may not know, coconuts are the fruit of the palm tree Cocos Nucifera. These palms can be found in a variety of tropical environments from Indonesia to the Philipines, India, and the Middle East. It can be found in the United States and Australia as well.

Coconuts are considered by many to be the perfect fruit. Not only is it capable of delivering a high-calorie food and potable water that can keep a person alive in an emergency, but it also has fibers that can be spun into a rope and used for fishing or trapping game. This has resulted in some people calling the coconut the Swiss Army knife of plants. 

Some Interesting Coconut Facts

As we continue with our exploration of coconuts, we thought that we’d give our readers some information that they might be interested in hearing. Although the following information about coconuts doesn’t have much of anything to do with coconut perfumes, we thought that some people would appreciate the information anyway. 

  • Over 150 people are killed each year by falling coconuts.
  • Coconuts are being researched for their potential anti-aging characteristics.
  • National Coconut Creme Pie Day falls on May 8th every year. 

When Is A Good Time To Wear Coconut Perfumes?

We’ve been asked a time or two about the appropriateness of certain fragrances in certain instances. For example, we’re often asked when it’s appropriate to wear perfumes with spicy notes or perfumes that are more floral based. So we weren’t surprised when we were asked about what time of year it’s appropriate to wear a coconut perfume. 

Unlike some other fragrance combinations that really depend on what other fragrance notes are paired with the main note of the perfume, the appropriate time for wearing coconut-based perfumes is during the summer months. After all, nothing says fun in the sun more than a coconut fragrance.

However, it should be stated that just because its better to wear coconut fragrances during the summer months, as well as through the day, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn other times of the year as well. All conventions aside, the appropriateness is determined by the wearer. If they want to wear a coconut perfume in spring or fall, there’s no one to stop them. 

What Scents Pair Well With Coconut Fragrances?

A question that we’re often asked is what other types of fragrances should be paired with coconuts. While most people know that pineapple is often paired with coconuts, not many people know that there are a wide variety of other scents that pair well with coconut as well. Some of the notes that are often paired with coconut notes include:

  • Pineapple
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Violet
  • Praline
  • Whipped Cream
  • Pear
  • Bergamot or Mandarin Orange
  • Lavender
  • Fig

Some Other Great Coconut-Based Perfumes

Even though we’re confident that we’ve selected the best coconut-based perfumes, we thought that we’d expand this discussion and include some other famous coconut perfumes. Although the following perfumes failed to meet our criteria for inclusion on our top ten list, they nonetheless are coconut scented and some people may end up liking them. 

  • Allen Shaw Coconut
  • Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille 
  • Kilian Beyond Love
  • Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Our Last Word On Coconut Perfumes

We hope that the preceding information in this guide has been helpful and will enable more people to try out coconut perfumes for themselves. We honestly feel that these types of fragrances are significantly underrepresented and it would be nice if more people took the time to discover. You truly can’t know if coconut is the right scent for you unless you give it a try.