Best Colognes For Young Men in 2020 – Reviews

When men are in the summertime of their lives they don’t want to wear an antiquated cologne that smells like something that their father or grandfather would’ve worn. Instead, they want a scent that’s young and vibrant, sensual, and appealing. They want something that will envelop them in an aura of mystery and excitement that will draw people to them. Unfortunately, when it comes to many designer colognes, it’s not always easy to find a cologne that embodies those characteristics.

However, that’s not to say that it’s impossible to find colognes that are tailor-made to the attitude and style of young men. There are brands out there that are well suited for the young men of today, and we’ve found several of these brands readily available. So without further ado, below are the ten best colognes for young men—colognes that are the epitome of youth, fashion, and style.

Best Colognes For Young Men

10Christian Dior Sauvage For Men


One of the first things that some people may recognize this cologne from Christian Dior is that it was heavily advertised using Johnny Depp. Although those commercials were kind of ambiguous to the fragrances a person could expect from this cologne, we’ve found that it was a very spicy fragrance that is truly one of the best colognes for young men. It has top notes of black pepper and bergamot; heart notes of Sichuan pepper, pink pepper, patchouli, and lavender; and it has base notes that contain the essences of labdanum and cedar. It’s a unique and youthful cologne that comes together quite well and smells very nice.

9Gianni Versace Blue Jeans For Men


First developed in the early 1990s by Jean Pierre Bethouart, this cologne has been worn by young men for decades and continues to entrance each generation that comes up. Due to its lively combination of scents, this cologne has almost a timeless appeal that doesn’t become dated the way other colognes have become dated. It has top notes of bergamot, basil, anise, rosewood, and lime. It has heart notes that contain the fragrances of sage, geranium, roses, carnations, and lavender. As it sinks into its base, the notes of tonka beans, iris and cedar are then allowed to rise to the surface and create an almost perfect youthful essence.

8PI By Givenchy For Men


PI by Givenchy might be an exciting scent for the modern young man, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. This cologne is extremely adventurous and contains a blend of scents that many people wouldn’t believe would go together but somehow manages to do so quite well. Its top notes include Mandarin orange, rosemary, and tarragon. It’s heart notes contain the fragrances of geranium, neroli, and lily-of-the-valley. And at its very base are the notes of tonka beans, vanilla, cedar, and almonds. It’s a giddy scent that has a heavy sillage, moderate longevity, and wafts through the air adventurously enchanting everyone around the wearer.

7Lucky Brand Lucky You For Men


Lucky You by Lucky Brand is a Fougère cologne for men that’s been around for about 2 decades now, but somehow still retains its youthful essence after all of these years. That’s probably because its top notes are very sweet and floral, which seems to intimate a sense of youth and excitement. This cologne also has cardamom heart notes and finishes up with its base notes of teak, rosewood, sandalwood, and bamboo. It is also a cologne with a moderate sillage and longevity and has a pretty good amount of projection. This fragrance may have been around for a while, but it still conveys a young man’s excitement quite well.

61 Million By Paco Rabanne For Men


Fresh, sensual and seductive are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe 1 Million by Paco Rabanne For Men. This quality cologne was first released during the summer of 2008 and has been a favorite among young men ever since. That’s probably because it has a fragrance and presentation that hints at a luxurious lifestyle. At its top, this cologne has notes of grapefruit, mandarin, and mint. It’s heart notes contain the fragrances of pepper, cinnamon, and rose. And when it finally settles into its base notes, the scents of leather, patchouli, and amber will delight the senses.

5Calvin Klein Euphoria For Men


This fragrance is not only youthful but is also extremely masculine as well, and it does it without coming off as immature or petulant. It blends a combination of Oriental scents with crisp modern scents that allow it to be worn by confident men. Its top notes are a splendid combination of Sudachi and ginger peppers; its heart notes contain a blend of cedar, sage, and basil; and its base notes are an aromatic and exhilarating blend of redwood, suede, amber, and patchouli. All of these notes dance with each other to create a cologne that young men are sure to enjoy.

4Gucci Guilty Pour Homme


This men’s cologne was released in 2011 and is considered to be the brother of Gucci Guilty For Women. It’s a woodsy aromatic cologne that has vibrant top notes and subtle earthy base notes. At its top, this cologne contains the fragrances of lemons and lavender flowers. Its heart notes contain the fragrances of African orange flowers, and this cologne’s base notes are a great combination of patchouli, cedar, and vanilla. All of these notes come together to make a scent that is not only the pure distilled essence of masculinity but also one that screams out the wearer’s love of luxury and privilege.

3Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct


This Oriental fragrance is designed for men who exude a lot of confidence and want everyone around them to recognize their presence. It starts subtly enough with top notes of melon and gin, but it quickly moves into its heart notes of Sichuan peppers, citrus fruits, and violet. Supporting this unique and bold scent structure are base notes of amber, musk, and suede that add a level of depth to this cologne’s composition. It’s a youthful and confident cologne that’s been around since 2016 and should continue to make an impression on anyone who experiences it for many years to come.

2Curve By Liz Claiborne For Men


Although Liz Claiborne has released several varieties of Curve cologne, each with its unique characteristics, this one is probably our favorite. That’s because this scent has a blend of fruity, flowery and earthy notes that are perhaps unmatched by any other type of cologne. Its top notes include the fragrances of lemon, pineapple, and juniper berries. It’s heart notes contain the scents of sage, violet, ginger, and coriander. And it’s base notes are velvety smooth and contain the trace scents of sandalwood, amber, cedar, mahogany, and pepper. It is a youthful and unique cologne suitable for men both young and old.

1Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme


This cologne was almost a universal hit when it jumped on the market way back in 2009, and although it’s been around for over a decade, it’s still a product that captures the essence of youth. With spicy top notes of cardamom that quickly yield to heart notes of cedar, lavender, and bergamot, this cologne is classy enough for formal occasions but energetic enough for casual occasions. It has an above-average sillage, a great projection and it’s a cologne that projects sex appeal. And it’s a nice scent that settles into its base notes of vetiver and caraway quite nicely.

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Colognes For Young Men Guide

Because they don’t want to smell like their Dad (sorry fathers out there) the younger generation need a scent that is going to help them stand out and stand on their own two feet in the world. It can be part of what makes them feel like an individual which is why there are specific products tailored towards this age group.

The better products tick certain boxes, which is why we have created this guide so you can get it right. If you are a parent buying a gift, you don’t want to give them something that will make them cringe. Even if you are looking for something for yourself, here is your guide to getting it right.

What To Look For In A Cologne For Young Men

Brand Reputation

The first bit of advice we give to any young man when it comes to cologne is going with a brand that has a good reputation. Purchasing cologne from a little-known brand can be dangerous as you aren’t sure how reliable they are, or their ingredients.

Not only are reputable brands more trustworthy, but they make quality products that turn heads.


Because not everyone has the same budget, you might think it should be hard to find a quality cologne for young men. This isn’t the case with some big brands in the niche being available at a small price

Not only this but when not worn excessively, they last a long time. A lot of people tend to have more than one cologne on the go to match their different moods, occasions, and even seasons which extends the lifespan of each cologne.

Alcohol Content

Because young men often have sensitive skin, finding a cologne that has a low or no alcohol in the formula can be beneficial. There are plenty of good products out that without alcohol that does not put your skin at risk or irritation.


This is what defines how strong the oil content of the scent is. Most of the time it will affect the price and a lot of brands offer their fragrances in more than one of the common concentrations below:

Parfum – This is the same for feminine and masculine fragrances of concentration of 20 – 30% generally. These are the most expensive, better quality products that last the longest.

Eau de Parfum – There is more of a concentration of water in this than the previous option but they still last a fair while. Anything between 10 – 20% concentration falls into this category.

Eau de Toilette – One of the most common types of concentration as it offers a good opportunity to grab a quality brand at a cheaper price. Anything of 5 – 10% is likely to be known as EDT.

Cologne – The cheaper and weaker of the options but for most young men, a perfectly fine option. It won’t last as long, nor will it set you back as much.

Easy Application

The applicators that come with the better brands are usually pretty reliable so this shouldn’t be a concern for most people. The best places to spray the cologne is on your body’s pulse points. The most common are the wrists and on the base of your neck.

Colognes For Young Men: Types of Scents

This is where you need to find something to match your personality. The following are the more common types of scents on the market:

Musky – These are often more masculine and at times spicy and oriental. For the mature young man.

Floral – Not as feminine as they might sound, they can still have a masculine feel but with undertones of the likes of jasmine, and even fruit.

Fresh – Some people will find these to have a bright appeal and a summer vibe. Expect citrus fruits and a smell that reminds you of the sea.

Sweet – Easier for a lot of people to get on with, they are light and a common choice for younger men based on the alternatives.

Wood – More pleasant than it sounds, these can fall into the fresh category depending on the fragrance as cedar and sandalwood are among the popular ingredients.

Cologne and Skin Types

Because cologne tends to react with the chemicals omitted by the skin, some brands and fragrances can smell stronger on different people. The opposite is also true. If the brand you choose isn’t jumping off your wrist or neck, don’t worry, you just might not be as compatible.

How Much Cologne Is Too Much?

This is a common question so you are not alone. The main thing to remember is that cologne should be smelt when close up, so anyone over a foot or so away should not be able to pick up your scent.

For most products, one press of the applicator is enough and two maximum. Wearing too much cologne can have the opposite effect so it is better to be sparing than too generous.

If you are unsure as to how strong it smells, ask a friend as your cologne could be coming up weaker because of the chemicals omitted by your skin.