Best Cruelty Free Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

No one wants to see animals suffer so they can receive a product that won’t irritate their skin or possibly cause a rash. The problem isn’t that people don’t care, it’s that it can be difficult for people to find products that haven’t been tested on animals. After all, the major deodorant companies aren’t going to advertise that their products have been tested on animals, so consumers are going to have to do some due diligence on their own.

To help our readers find products that haven’t been tested on animals and are certified cruelty-free, we’ve decided to do our research and find the companies that are creating more ethical products. And we’ve found quite a few that are certified cruelty free, so we decided to round up the best of the best and list them. Allow us to introduce the top ten best cruelty-free deodorants currently available.

Best Cruelty Free Deodorants

10Native Natural Deodorants Seasonal Pack


This seasonal three-pack contains 3 distinct deodorants that not only provide the odor protection a person needs but does it without harsh chemical or without harming animals. All of these deodorants are made without aluminum, so they’re not only better for a person’s skin but they also won’t leave armpit stains on the wearer’s clothing. These deodorants glide on smoothly and have wonderful scent combinations blackberry and green tea, vanilla, and sandalwood, or powder and cotton. These products are not only natural but are also vegan, so it’s a deodorant that’s more ethical than many of the leading supermarket deodorant brands.

9Little Seed Farm All-Natural Deodorant


Little Seed Farm is a company that believes in developing products that are safe and chemical-free and that uphold their high standards for effecting positive change in the global community. That’s why they develop their products to be healthy, natural and cruelty-free. They also take steps to minimize waste and use recyclable packaging for all of their products. This deodorant meets all of that criteria and also provides up to 24-hours of odor protection for the person using it. And it does it without using parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances or other ingredients that may have a detrimental effect on a person’s health.

8Underarmed Active Botanicals Deodorant


Looking for a product that’s aluminum-free, has a luxurious lavender eucalyptus scent, and is not only organic but cruelty-free, too? Then this product is the one for you. It’s made without using some of the noxious, artificial ingredients that are often found in department store deodorants. Ingredients such as phthalates, parabens, or antibacterial agents. This deodorant is free of all of those ingredients and doesn’t even use artificial fragrances in its formula. All that this product uses are all-natural ingredients and native essential oils to help fight underarm odor and leave the user smelling clean and fresh. It’s a deodorant that this company has been developing for several years now and all of their hard work is very evident in this quality product.

7MagSol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant


MagSol believes that people should use a deodorant that’s not only cruelty-free but one that’ also capable of keeping them odor-free naturally. That’s why they’ve designed and formulated this high-quality deodorant. It contains only natural ingredients like beeswax, magnesium oxide, almond oil and therapeutic-grade essential oils that help to combat personal body odor and leave a pleasant sandalwood scent on the person’s armpits. This product is also formulated without baking soda, aluminum, triclosan, parabens or phthalates, so consumers can rest assured their skin isn’t absorbing toxic chemicals. It’s made according to their personal philosopy that natural ingredients can perform better as deodorant than artificial ones.

6Beauty By Earth Sweet Citrus Deodorant


Beauty by Earth Natural deodorant is not only cruelty-free but is also has a nice sweet citrus scent that’s very pleasing to the nose. This product always glides on smoothly and isn’t gritty like some all-natural deodorants tend to be. After it’s been applied, it goes right to work providing up to 24-hours of odor protection, so the user can remain confident through work and well into their off time. It’s a deodorant that’s made with certified organic ingredients and is free of preservatives, parabens, phthalates and petroleum products. It’s just wholesome deodorant that keeps the wearer feeling fresh all day.

5Thai Crystal Active Deodorant


Most consumers not only want a natural and cruelty-free deodorant, but they also want that same deodorant to be effective. And that’s why we think so many people are going to like this Thai Crystal Active Deodorant. This product is not only cruelty-free but it is also extremely effective. After applying this product, it can keep underarm odor down for 12-hours at a time. It does this using a mineral called Potassium Alum that’s sourced directly from Thailand. Because this deodorant only has this single ingredient in it, it also means that it’s all-natural and is free of the chemicals found in department store deodorants.

4Humble All-Natural Deodorant


Hand-crafted and containing only five high-quality ingredients, this deodorant from Humble is not only designed to be a cruelty-free formula, but it’s also designed to be a more effective and natural deodorant as well. The ingredients that can be found in this formula includes coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda, organic beeswax, and essential oils. That means that this product doesn’t contain dyes, aluminum, parabens, artificial antibacterial agents or ingredients derived from animals. It’s also a product that can be used by both men and women and has a nice Patchouli and Frankincense fragrance. It’s a simple and true product people will be proud to use.

3Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin


For Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants, being certified cruelty-free is only the beginning. They are also certified vegan and gluten-free as well. And yet, this powerful product is capable of delivering the odor protection that consumers are looking for out of deodorant. It’s a product with a lovely lavender scent, and it helps to neutralize body odor right at the source. This product is also free of many potentially hazardous ingredients including propylene glycol, aluminum, phthalates, parabens, and even artificial fragrances. That’s because Schmidt’s believes that mother nature’s ingredients can provide odor protection to get a person through their day, and we tend to agree.

2Spirit Nest Lavender Moon All-Natural Deodorant


Finding out if a particular deodorant is cruelty-free or not usually requires having to sort through a whole ingredient’s list of unknown chemicals. Fortunately, a person who uses this natural deodorant doesn’t have to put up with that nonsense. That’s because there are only a small number of vegan ingredients listed in this formula. And those ingredients are coconut oil, carnauba wax, arrowroot powder, shea butter, baking soda, and a few essential oils. And this product is not only certified cruelty-free, but is also USDA certified organic, and is certified vegan. What it doesn’t contain are phthalates, parabens, aluminum, and gluten.

1Skin 2 Spirit Sea Spray Magnesium Deodorant


This product is designed to be a more animal-friendly deodorant that people can use to combat underarm odor. It’s an aluminum-free deodorant that contains no GMOs, is paraben-free and contains no toxic chemicals. It’s also a formula that’s free of aluminum, baking soda, and alcohol. It’s not only a cruelty-free deodorant, but it’s also a product that’s safe for everyone to use. That’s because it’s made from magnesium chloride, witch hazel, and organic aloe. And since it goes on clear, it never leaves white marks or stains clothing either. Now people have a really good cruelty-free option when they’re looking for an effective roll-on deodorant.

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