Best Crystal Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

Consumers have become used to a variety of natural deodorants showing up on the aisles of their local supermarket lately, so it’s kind of surprising that Crystal deodorants have recently made such a big splash. What has caused many people to look twice at this product is the fact that it’s unlike any other of the natural deodorants currently available. Why is it different? It’s different because it’s made with a mineral called potassium alum.

Potassium alum is a natural deodorant that’s been used for hundreds of years in Asia and has actually been around the U.S for quite some time now. However, since it’s now just being discovered by many people, these people have begun wondering if this is the product they’ve always been looking for to naturally deodorize their armpits. To answer that question, we dove head first into the ten best Crystal deodorants currently available.

Best Crystal Deodorants

10Crystal Active Deodorant Stone


Unlike grocery-store or name brand deodorants, this crystal deodorant stone doesn’t have fragrances in it that can cause skin irritation. This means that this product can hold off body odor from 12 to 24-hours, but it can do it without causing skin irritation. This product works because the Thai crystal stone in it, also known as natural mineral salts, creates an environment that’s ill-suited for bacteria. With fewer underarm bacteria comes few armpit odors. And since this product is made with a single ingredient, it never contains toxic chemical blends or added ingredients. It’s just an all-natural deodorant that works.

9Crystal Mineral Unscented Deodorant Stick


Not only is this deodorant free of Aluminum Chloride, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, and Aluminum Zirconium, but it’s also free of parabens and phthalates as well. In fact, it doesn’t contain any extra ingredients other than natural mineral salts. It doesn’t even contain a fragrance. That means that this product is not only natural but is also hypoallergenic. It spreads on smoothly, never leaves a residue and doesn’t ever leave white marks. This product is fully dermatologist-tested, vegan and cruelty-free, too. All of which allows this deodorant to do its job without causing any ill side-effects to the user.

8Crystal Rock Unscented Deodorant For Men


After using this product, we’re sure many men are going to rethink their deodorant. That’s because this deodorant mineral stick has all of the benefits of commercial deodorants but doesn’t have all of the nasty by-products they do. This wide stick glides on smoothly, never leaves a white residue and is smooth to the touch. It’s made using natural mineral scents and is unscented so it’s hypoallergenic and won’t interfere with the man’s body spray or cologne. This deodorant is also dermatologist tested and is a cruelty-free product. Although the top of the stone has to be wet each time it’s used, it’s a small bit of extra work for 24-hours of odor protection.

7Crystal Travel Stick Deodorant


This 1.5-ounce travel stick of deodorant is not only easy to carry with you while you’re traveling, but it’s also quite easy to use as well. It glides on smoothly and never goes on sticky. It also never stains the skin or clothing and will never leave a white deodorant residue. It’s natural, hypoallergenic and is better for the environment than other types of deodorant. This product is also never tested on animals, so it’s completely cruelty-free. If all of that doesn’t convince you that this is a great deodorant, then we only have one more thing to say about it. It contains no aluminum, parabens, alcohol, or phthalates.

6Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stone With Dish


A Crystal deodorant product that’s becoming increasingly popular is its mineral stones. This smooth mineral stone is easy to use and comes with its own dish to hold it. What makes it a wonderful product is that it not only prevents odors for up to 24-hours, but it does it naturally. And wearers know that it’s doing it naturally because it only contains one ingredient: natural mineral salts. This means that this product doesn’t contain aluminum in any form, doesn’t contain baking soda, fragrances or anything else. This gives the deodorant wearer confidence in the product and assures them that it’s safe to use.

5Crystal Unscented Mineral Deodorant Spray


A lot of deodorants attempt to cover up underarm odor with an elaborate combination of fragrances, but this one doesn’t resort to such tricks. This deodorant knows that some people want to suppress underarm odor but not do it by layering on a bunch of different scents. That’s why this formula is completely unscented. Now, deodorant users can enjoy up to 24-hours of odor protection but not have to resort to a perfumed deodorant to do it. This product is a quick-drying product that’s never oily and goes on the skin without leaving white marks. it’s also dermatologist tested, vegan and certified to be cruelty-free.

4Crystal Essence Roll-On Chamomile & Green Tea


Chamomile and green tea are the scents that draw most people to this deodorant. And we must say that it’s a pretty good hook because this fragrance combination is light enough to not be extremely noticeable, but is still strong enough to be pleasant to the nose. However, this deodorant’s amazing scent isn’t the reason people should be using this product. No, people should use this product because it stops underarm odor for up to 24-hours at a time and does it without using Aluminum Chlorohydrate or parabens. It uses only high-quality ingredients such as mineral salts, baking soda, and zinc gluconate.

3Crystal Mineral Roll-On Lavender & White Tea


First and foremost, this roll-on deodorant has a pleasant white tea and lavender scent that’s delicate, fragrant and is going to be loved by a lot of people. But that isn’t the only thing to love about this product. It’s also capable of stopping odor for up to 24-hours at a time, and do it without leaving white marks, stains on clothing or residue on the skin. This product is made from a combination of mineral salts, zinc gluconate, benzoic acid, sodium bicarbonate and fragrances that do a great job at tamping down armpit odor. And since this product is dermatologist tested, it will do it without irritating the wearer’s delicate underarm skin.

2Crystal Mineral Deodorant Spray Granite Rain


Crystal wants men to rethink their body spray deodorants, so they released this great formula called Granite Rain. This all-natural product isn’t filled with all of the chemicals and toxins that some other body sprays use. In fact, it’s actually only got three ingredients in its entire formulation. All that’s in this deodorizing body spray is water, natural mineral salts, and fragrance. And there’s absolutely nothing else in it. That means this product is free of aluminum by-products, phthalates, and parabens. It also means that it not only fights odor but has a woodsy scent to it that smells a lot like sage and citrus.

1Crystal Body Roll-On Pomegranate


Potassium alum has never smelled so sweet as it has in this pomegranate scented Crystal deodorant. Although this product has a pleasant scent to it, its scent isn’t how it deals with armpit odor. Instead, the mineral salt composition of this deodorant creates an unfriendly environment for odor-causing bacteria. And with fewer bacteria causing problems, the more likely the wearer is going to remain fresh. Another thing to like about this deodorant is that it’s never sticky, never leaves a white residue and has never been tested on animals. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it can be used with confidence.

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A Guide To Crystal Deodorant

Crystal deodorant is becoming more and more popular as some people begin to turn away from commercial deodorants that they have come to believe is harmful to their health. Although there’s no scientific data that supports the position that regular deodorant is harmful to a person’s health in any way, buying the best crystal deodorant can still be a good choice for anyone searching for a little peace of mind.

To assist our readers to get the most out of their crystal deodorants, we’ve decided to write a guide on the subject. In this guide, we will go over why crystal deodorant is a great alternative to commercial antiperspirants that contain aluminum in them, and how to apply crystal deodorant in a way that will ensure it works well for the consumer—no matter how hard they’re putting it to work.

How Does Crystal Deodorant Work?

One of the most commonly asked questions that we receive is how crystal deodorant works, so we’ve decided to answer that question here. Crystal deodorants work because they’re made with an ingredient known as Potassium Alum. Although this ingredient doesn’t clog sweat glands the way that aluminum does, it does have antimicrobial properties that kill off bacteria before it has a chance to create odor. Aluminum-based antiperspirants on the other hand work by clogging up the sweat glands so the wearer’s armpits don’t sweat. Therefore, aluminum deodorants stop the sweat, while crystal deodorants only stop the odor.

The Benefits Of Crystal Deodorants

Now that we know how these deodorants work, it’s time to talk about the benefits of these deodorants. Since these products only contain one ingredient, they’re free of many of the potentially harmful compounds that can be found in commercial antiperspirants and deodorants. Below is a list of some of the compounds that consumers won’t find in crystal deodorants.

Crystal Deodorants Don’t Contain:

  • Parabens
  • Artificial Colors
  • Triclosan
  • Aluminum Or Aluminum Compounds
  • Triethanolamine
  • Diethanolamine

How To Use Crystal Deodorants Effectively

Hopefully, by this point in our guide, all of our readers are as excited about crystal deodorants as we are and are ready to buy one they think they’ll like. Before these readers buy their deodorant, however, we want to make sure that everyone knows how to use this product so they can use it effectively. Although crystal deodorants work as well as regular deodorants, if the consumer follows the below points, they will help that deodorant work even better.

Make Sure To Buy A Genuine Crystal Deodorant

Even though all of the crystal deodorants that we reviewed are all-natural and made with nothing more than potassium alum, that doesn’t mean that all of them are. There are plenty of cheap crystal deodorant knock-offs, so consumers should make sure that they’re purchasing the real deal before spending their hard-earned money.

Apply It Directly After Showering

Another trick that consumers should use with any deodorant and not just crystal deodorants, is to apply the deodorant after taking a shower. Taking a shower will remove any traces of past deodorant film, sweat, and most importantly, bacteria from your armpit. This will give you a clean slate on which you can apply your crystal deodorant.

Wear Light Clothing

It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing dark clothing, especially during the hot, steamy months of summer. That’s because dark clothing tends to hold onto heat and this can raise a person’s body temperature and make them sweat more.

Avoid Certain Foods

Another trick to getting the most out of your deodorant—regardless of whether it’s a crystal deodorant or a commercial one—is to avoid the foods that can cause unpleasant body odors. This means avoiding garlic and onions mainly whenever possible, especially if you have problems with body odor.

Store Your Crystal Deodorant Properly

It’s also important for the consumer to make sure they store their crystal deodorant properly so that it remains effective for as long as possible. This means replacing the lid after each use, keeping the deodorant away from extreme heat, keeping the deodorant out of direct sunlight, and storing the product in a cool location.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reapply It During The Day

As you sweat, the salts from crystal deodorant can become washed away from excess sweat, so if you’re a heavy sweater, then you may have to reapply the product several times during the day to ensure that it’s fighting underarm odors effectively. Fortunately, crystal deodorants are easy to carry, and excess use doesn’t cause skin irritation, so don’t be afraid to reapply the product during the day as needed.