Best Deodorants For Men Who Sweat A Lot in 2020 – Reviews

Men who sweat a lot need a deodorant that’s capable of handling the problem, so they don’t get halfway through their day and begin to develop offensive body odors. This can be a particular problem for men with hyperhidrosis as that condition causes their body to produce copious amounts of moisture. This can not only lead directly to increased body odor, but the sweat stains on clothing can be particularly embarrassing to anyone who has had to suffer through it.

Fortunately, men who tend to produce too much sweat don’t have to fret as much as they previously did. That’s because there are now several clinical strength deodorants that can stop excessive sweating dead in its tracks and help men remain more composed and confident. And we’ve reviewed ten of the best deodorants for men who sweat a lot below for our reader’s convenience.

Best Deodorants For Men Who Sweat A Lot

10Dove Men+ Care Clinical Antiperspirant


With a Clean Comfort scent and some of the most powerful antiperspirants currently available without a prescription, this deodorant from Dove is the solution that many people are looking for in a deodorant. It can stop sweat and body odor for up to 2-days at a time, and it can soothe the skin while it does it. That’s because it’s made with powerful moisturizers that counteract the potentially irritating effects of the antiperspirants and keeps the wearer’s skin in good condition. Now no one has to deal with redness or skin irritation to address their perspiration problems.

9Degree Everest Advanced Protection Deodorant Stick


Just about any antiperspirant can stop sweating and body odor when the wearer is perfectly still, but it takes an antiperspirant that’s expertly formulated to handle the sweat protection needs of active individuals. Which is why it’s a good thing that this particular formula is designed for extremely active people. It’s equipped with Motion Sense Technology, a technology that works as hard as the wearer to keep odor and sweating to a minimum. That allows it to provide up to 2-days of odor and wetness protection to even the most active of individuals. And that makes it a great product for active individuals.

8Gillette Clinical Strength Antiperspirant For Men


In the past, Gillette didn’t have a whole lot of options meant to deal with heavy-duty sweating, but now they do with this high-quality product. It uses a blend of 6.25% Aluminum Chloride that is normally found in prescription-strength deodorants but is now contained in this quality commercial deodorant. This ingredient allows it to shut down underarm sweat glands, so the wearer can enjoy up to 48-hours of dryness at a time. And since it also contains thousands of odor-fighting particles, men will not only remain dry for those 2-days, but they will also remain odor-free.

7Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Deodorant


The problem with many antiperspirants isn’t that they don’t stop sweat, it’s that they don’t stop enough sweat. After all, different men have different needs when it comes to a product designed for stopping excessive sweating. Some men can do with a relatively weaker formulation, and some men need something extremely powerful. This product just so happens to fall in the latter category. It’s a deodorant that’s designed to stop sweating in even the most severe cases, so men can go about the day with dry armpits and a renewed confidence in themselves. As its name implies, this product will stop sweating at the source so the wearer can be more comfortable.

6Maxim Prescription-Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant


Maxim is a brand that isn’t as well known as some of the commercial antiperspirant brands, and that’s a shame because it’s an extremely effective product for dealing with chronic sweating. This antiperspirant deodorant is extremely strong and is doctor recommended for use on individuals with hyperhidrosis or other chronic sweating conditions. When applied at night before bed, this product stops sweat production in the underarm sweat glands, and that can provide the wearer with wetness protection for up to 7-days at a time. And because it has a deodorant built-into it, it will also stop chronic underarm odor as well.

5Right Guard Xtreme Defense Dedorant Gel


Right Guard has not only been making quality antiperspirants and deodorants for quite a while now, but they’re often considered a brand that caters to men’s odor protection needs. And this product produced by them just so happens to be one of the strongest formulations available. After it’s applied, this product is capable of protecting against odor and wetness for up to 72-hours at a time. That allows men to work as hard as they want to, and do it without having to worry about constantly reapplying their deodorant. Once again this brand shows why it’s a brand that’s been trusted by men for such a long time.

4Mitchum Men Clinical Unscented Antiperspirant


Although Mitchum has been creating high-quality antiperspirants and deodorants for the past 50+ years, this has to be one of their strongest formulations yet. That’s because it’s made with some of the most powerful antiperspirants available without a prescription. This means that it will provide the wearer with up to 48-hours of odor protection, so it is effective for even the toughest sweating problems. It’s an unscented formula that’s also easier to tolerate than other antiperspirants. This allows it to stop sweating and underarm odor and do it without causing red bumps or rashes on the wearer’s underarm area.

3Certain Dri Extra-Strength Antiperspirant


This antiperspirant is designed for men who produce a lot of sweat and is one of the most doctors recommended formulas for excessive sweating currently available. It’s an extremely effective formula that contains a solution of 25% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate. This type of aluminum is not only extremely effective at stopping sweat right at the sweat glands, but it’s also gentler on sensitive skin than other commonly used aluminum compounds are. This is also a cruelty-free product that’s certified by PETA and has never been tested on animals. That makes it a great solution for anyone looking for a high-quality deodorant and antiperspirant.

2SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant


This product is designed for anyone who has problems with excessive sweating. It’s an FDA verified formula that’s made in the United States according to strict manufacturing standards. It’s easy to use wipe that uses a clinical strength antiperspirant that can help reduce sweating for up to a week at a time. It’s a product so effective that over five million boxes of it have been sold since it was first introduced. All of which makes this antiperspirant wipes good for all kinds of different types of excessive sweating including hyperhidrosis, stress sweating or sweating caused by working hard all day.

1Degree Men Clinical Sport Strength


Even though this isn’t the most powerful deodorant from Degree, it does do a decent job of handling moderate to heavy amounts of sweat. That’s because it’s not only manufactured using agents that stop sweat right at the pores, but it also has Motion Sense Technology built into it that releases more of these agents as the wearer goes about his day. This allows it to provide the wearer with up to 24-hours of wetness and odor protection, so the wearer can through his day without worrying about sweat stains or body odor. And because it has built-in moisturizers, it won’t irritate some other antiperspirants do.

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A Guide To Dealing With Problem Sweating

Heavy sweating is a condition that’s also known as hyperhidrosis, and it’s a condition that affects millions of men all around the world. Increased underarm sweat is not only embarrassing but can also lead to increased body odor. That’s why many men will go to extraordinary steps to alleviate the problem—often to no avail. 

Fortunately, we do have some tips and tricks that will help the average man deal with their excessive sweating better. While the following tips might not completely solve the problem for men who are sweating a lot, they will help most men get it under better control. So, let’s begin this guide by talking about one of the most important tools that many can have in their arsenal and that tool is antiperspirant. 

Step One: Think About The Antiperspirant

First and foremost, it needs to be said that any man who is looking for a product to deal with their excessive underarm sweat is to put down the deodorant and pick up an antiperspirant. Although we understand that many men are concerned about the aluminum in antiperspirants and the potential health risks it might pose, antiperspirants are the only products that can deal with excess sweat. Besides, all of the talks about aluminum causing health problems is just talk right now. As of this moment, science has not established links between any medical condition and the use of antiperspirants. 

Antiperspirants work so well because the aluminum in them clogs the sweat glands and helps to prevent sweat from coming from the gland. Deodorants, on the other hand, only deal with body odor, either by covering the odor with fragrances or by changing the pH level of the armpits so that it’s inhospitable to the bacteria living there. It’s the bacteria that causes the odor because they feast on sweat and then as a byproduct produce body odor. Deodorant isn’t just useless for controlling sweating but is often washed away by heavy sweating, so people who suffer from hyperhidrosis don’t even get that benefit from deodorant. Therefore, antiperspirants are always the way to go. 

Step Two: Remember, Antiperspirant Isn’t Just For Pits

The next thing that we’d like our readers to understand is that antiperspirant isn’t just for armpits. Yes, it is designed to be used only for armpits, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used on other parts of the body. Many people also use antiperspirants on sweaty hands, feet, or other parts of their body. When used in this way, antiperspirant will do exactly what it does when it’s applied to armpits. It will clog the sweat glands and prevent them from releasing sweat. It’s quite an effective way of dealing with sweat.

However, when we say that antiperspirant can be used on other parts of the body, we don’t mean that it should be applied to the entire body. People should avoid applying antiperspirants to large sections of the body at one time. Sweating is an important way for the human body to regulate body temperature, and it can be dangerous to a person’s health to try to override that ability to sweat too much. 

Step Three: Use The Antiperspirant Properly

Once the consumer has bought the best deodorant for men who sweat a lot, they are going to want to make sure that they use it properly to achieve the best results possible. Many men who deal with hyperhidrosis will apply the antiperspirant right before they head out the door only to find that they have sweat through it, and they don’t understand why. The reason why they do is that they sweat the antiperspirant away before it has time to work. 

A better way to apply antiperspirant is to apply it in the evening when you’re less likely to sweat it away. This gives the product time to work at a time when you’re producing less sweat. Take a shower in the evening, make sure to properly dry, and then apply antiperspirant to the armpits before heading to bed. In the morning, apply a second coat of antiperspirant and then head to work. This will help the antiperspirant work better. 

Step Four: Bathe Daily

Even though this is not something that we need to tell most people dealing with excessive sweating, we think that it’s still important to at least mention. Regular bathing doesn’t actually help with excess sweating, but it can remove the sweat from the skin that can feed bacteria. This can help control body odor that is caused by sweat lingering on the skin. Getting rid of the old sweat can help minimize the impact that heavy sweating causes. 

Step Five: Use Astringents

It’s also important for men who deal with excessive sweating to think about using astringents. Particularly astringents that contain tannic acid—such as Zilactin. This ingredient can be found in a variety of lotions that help deal with sweating on various parts of the body.

Step Six: Choose Appropriate Clothing

Another step that will help men deal with the problem of excessive sweating is for them to choose the right clothing. Generally speaking, clothing that’s made with natural fabrics breathe better than fabrics made from man-made chemicals. Look for clothing such as cotton, wool, and silk. These fabrics allow the skin to breathe and remain cooler. This goes for shoes, as well. When choosing a pair of shoes, the consumer should choose leather to help them avoid sweaty feet. If the consumer is going to the gym to exercise, they are probably also going to want to choose materials that wick the sweat away from the skin.

Step Seven: Other Things To Consider

The above steps are what we consider the basics of sweat control that we think any man dealing with excessive sweat is going to want to think about. Those steps alone will help even the heaviest of sweaters get better control over their sweating. However, there are a few extra steps that the consumer can take to take their sweat-control regimen to the next level. Below are some of the other things that men can do to help get their excessive sweating under control. 

  • Allow your feet to breathe every once in a while by going barefoot.
  • Make sure to regularly change socks. Twice a day, if necessary.
  • Try to use relaxation techniques such as biofeedback or yoga.
  • Seek medical treatment for advanced cases of hyperhidrosis.