Best Deodorants For Men in 2020 – Reviews

It’s a stated fact that men have different deodorant needs than women. This isn’t because men work any harder than women or that they perspire more, but it is actually because men’s sweat has a specific pH range that has to be addressed. If it isn’t adequately addressed, then their armpit odor can’t be completely eliminated. Failing to take into account a man’s unique chemistry is why so many deodorants fail.

Fortunately, we understand that deodorants main job is to work with a man’s chemistry to overcome any potential body odor. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide to find the best deodorants for men that are currently available. And we’ve found ten brands that performed extremely well, so we’d really like to share them with you.

Best Deodorants For Men

10Degree Men Clean Clinical Antiperspirant


Degree Clinical+ is one of the best deodorants for men currently available. That’s because it not only has a masculine scent that lasts a long time, but it also provides the wearer with up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection. This deodorant goes on smoothly and never leaves any white or yellow stains on the wearer’s clothing. And since this product is equipped with body responsive technology, this product is capable of increasing its protection level as the wearer’s body heat or activity level increases. All of which allows this deodorant to perform long after other deodorants have failed.

9Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Fresh Scent


This Arm & Hammer deodorant uses a variety of quality ingredients to take care of men’s perspiration and body odor. The main ingredient in its formulation worth mentioning is Aluminum Zirconium Gly. This product works as an antiperspirant that helps to stop sweating right at its source. Other ingredients found in this deodorant include talc, sodium bicarbonate, and modified corn starch. These ingredients work together to absorb excess moisture. And the final ingredient is fragrance, which helps to cover body odor and keep the wearer feeling confident all throughout his day.

8Mitchum Men Unscented Gel Antiperspirant


This unscented gel from Mitchum provides men with the odor protection they need but does it without interfering with their cologne or body spray’s scent profiles. This product goes on smoothly, dries quickly and never leaves white residue marks on dark clothing. It also doesn’t leave yellow pit stains like some other antiperspirants tend to do. Using what they call Triple Odor Defense, this deodorant is capable of fighting odor caused by stress, heat, and motion. Any man looking for a high-performance men’s antiperspirant that can keep up with their active lifestyle need look no further than this one.

7Art of Sport Performance Driven Deodorant


Although all men need a deodorant that’s capable of keeping up with their active lifestyles, athletes have a special need for deodorants that can keep up with their physical activity. Fortunately, the Art of Sport deodorant for men is such a product. It’s made with a blend of rich botanicals that can help protect men against odor, even when they’re hard at work. This product is matched with matcha tea and arrowroot powder, so it’s not only capable of dealing with pit odor but is also capable of absorbing moisture. And since this product doesn’t contain any parabens or aluminum, men can deal with odor and perspiration without worrying about adverse health effects.

6AXE Phoenix Antiperspirant Deodorant


Although AXE products can be somewhat controversial with some men swearing by them and others hating them, we think this product will bring about a consensus. That’s because it’s Phoenix scent isn’t too overpowering like some of the other AXE scents tend to be, but still has a manly aura to it. This deodorant has a fruity fragrance that smells like a combination of citrus, lavender, and geranium. It’s also an antiperspirant deodorant, so it not only protects against odor for 24-hours but can also protect against wetness for the same amount of time. This makes it deodorant men should definitely consider.

5Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Scent


Old Spice High Endurance is another innovative deodorant that doesn’t get the attention it really deserves. This product not only goes on smoothly and easily, but it has an exciting Pure Sport Scent that any man is going to love. As they clearly state in their advertisements, this product is a deodorant that allows a man to smell like a man without smelling like he’s overcompensating. It provides 24-hours of armpit odor protection but doesn’t do it in a way that will overpower body sprays or colognes. Once this deodorant starts working it keeps on working until the day is done.

4Old Spice Fresher Fiji-Scent Deodorant


Old Spice has been making deodorants that men love for quite some time now. It seems like their deodorants really capture the male essence and are capable of dealing with a man’s specific body chemistry. And their Fresher Fiji deodorant is one of their more inspired deodorants. Sure, it’s capable of delivering odor protection for up to 24-hours, but it does it without the use of aluminum or other harmful products. It also has a pleasant scent that smells like a blend of palm trees and coconut. It’s for these reasons alone that this deodorant is ideal for just about any man’s odor-protection needs.

3Gillette Antiperspirant Cool Wave Deodorant


Once upon a time, Gillette was a company that was exclusively known for their razors and shaving products, but now it would appear that they’re gaining a reputation for making deodorant. And that reputation is decidedly a good one. As proof of that statement, we would like our readers to take a look at Gillette’s Cool Wave antiperspirant. This product is a clear gel that always glides on smoothly and goes on cleanly. It never leaves any residue, yet’s it’s capable of providing men with up to 48-hours of odor and sweat protection. That’s why it deserves to be among the top men’s deodorants and why this company is earning a name for themselves.

2Dove Men+ Care Extra Fresh Antiperspirant


Although Dove has been typically seen as a company that manufactures women’s deodorants, that assumption really changed when they released their Dove Men+ Care Line. Now they’re seen as a company that can handle the deodorant needs of both men and women. This product is a perfect example of why that’s the case. This product is made with 1/4 moisturizers, so it’s easy on the skin, but is still capable of delivering 48-hours of odor protection. And it not only blocks odors but is also capable of stopping armpit perspiration in its tracks. This makes it a great deodorant for active males.

1Speed Stick Regular Deodorant


Speed Stick Regular has long been seen as a deodorant for men, and there’s a good reason why that’s true. It’s because it is made for men, and it is designed to specifically address men’s unique odor protection needs. And it’s capable of doing it without containing any aluminum in its formulation at all. This product goes on smoothly and has a scent that can only be called masculine. It’s also a deodorant that provides a full 24-hours of odor protection, so men can remain confident all day long and well into the following day. It doesn’t matter if they’re heading to the gym or to work, this deodorant is ready to protect against body odor.

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