Best Deodorants For Sensitive Skin in 2020 – Reviews

Modern deodorants and antiperspirants are truly effective in eliminating underarm odor and/or wetness, but some of the ingredients that are used in them can be a nightmare for people with sensitive skin. Aluminum, alcohol, and parabens can really irritate the skin, as can many fragrances. Fortunately, the deodorant industry has taken notice and created a variety of sensitive skin deodorants.

These days, there are dozens of dozens of deodorants and antiperspirants for sensitive skin, all the consumer has to do is choose one they think they make like. To help our readers sort the effective ones from the not-so-effective ones, we’ve decided to find ten of the best deodorants for sensitive skin, and the following products are what we discovered.

Best Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

10Almay Sensitive Skin Clear Gel Stick


This product goes on clear, never stains skin or clothing, and provides great protection against odor and wetness. The best feature about this deodorant, however, isn’t how well it goes on or how well it works, but that it’s great for sensitive skin. This quick-drying gel never irritates even sensitive skin, and it’s been thoroughly tested by Dermatologists. It’s also been tested for allergic reactions it may cause, so the consumer can rest assured that it’s probably going to work well for them. With so many products claiming to be the best deodorants for sensitive skin, this is one of the few that can actually is good for sensitive skin.

9Dove Men+ Care Sensitive Shield Antiperspirant


Using the healing power of Helianthus Annuus Oil and Hydrogenated Castor Oil, this antiperspirant deodorant stick protects the skin against minor skin irritation and sensitivity. This product glides onto the skin easily and never leaves white streaks or marks on the user’s dark clothing. It also doesn’t leave yellow pit stains on the wearer’s white T-shirts, the way that some antiperspirants tend to do. And because it’s not fragrance-free, it can handle underarm odor quite well, even in the hot summer month. Although this formula may not be suitable for individuals with highly sensitive skin, it is suitable for men who suffer occasional skin irritation but still need a powerful antiperspirant.

8MagSol Sandalwood Magnesium Deodorant


MagSol Magnesium Deodorant is a brand that’s known for leaving the underarm area of both men and women smelling fresh as a daisy, but few people realize that this formula is also excellent for people with sensitive skin. That’s because it uses magnesium in its formulation instead of aluminum and that allows it to be better tolerated by the wearer. It’s also free of many of the other artificial ingredients that can wreak havoc on a person’s armpit area, including alcohol, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and baking soda. All that’s in this formula is magnesium, almond oil, essential oils, and beeswax.

7Vanicream Antiperspirant For Sensitive Skin


Vanicream is a deodorant that’s been carefully formulated and manufactured so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause harmful matches. While the company was designing this product, they designed to use high-quality ingredients that dealt with body odor and wetness but didn’t irritate the skin. That means that they left out many irritating ingredients including formaldehyde, artificial dyes and fragrances, lanolin, parabens, and even gluten and ethanol. They also left out preservatives, ingredients that can cause skin irritation for people without sensitivities. That makes this product one that delivers clinical strength odor and wetness protection but does it without causing harm.

6Nasanta Unscented Magnesium Deodorant


This deodorant by Nasanta is formulated to be free of all aluminum and aluminum by-products. That means that it’s not only free of aluminum and baking soda with aluminum in it, but it’s also free of potassium zirconium alum. Instead of using aluminum to fight perspiration and odor, this deodorant uses magnesium—an ingredient that’s highly tolerated and is actually used by the human body on a daily basis. And since this product is also free of alcohol and fragrances, it really doesn’t have any ingredients that could irritate a person’s sensitive underarm skin area. That’s also why it’s earned a prominent location on this list.

5Organic Island Sensitive Deodorant With Probiotics


Most deodorant users who have sensitive skin tend to go the natural route when they’re looking for a new deodorant. That’s because natural ingredients are better tolerated by a person’s skin than artificial ingredients, and that’s why this product from Organic Island is made using all-natural ingredients. This formula contains high-quality natural ingredients which include kaolin clay, zinc oxide, magnesium, and arrowroot to fight underarm odor. That means that’s it’s not only free of fragrances, but it’s also free of aluminum, baking soda, alcohol, and parabens. And all of that means that it’s safer to use on sensitive skin.

4Schmidt’s Natural Sensitive Skin Unisex Deodorant


What does a deodorant need to do to be safe for sensitive skin? Well, a good start is for the deodorant to be free of parabens, phthalates, aluminum or aluminum by-products, propylene glycol or artificial fragrances. It doesn’t even contain baking soda. Fortunately, Shmidt’s Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin meets all of those criteria. But it goes even further than that. It’s also gluten-free, cruelty-free and uses vegan ingredients. The ingredients it does contain are derived from mineral and plant-based sources, so they’re the least likely ingredients to cause minor skin irritation or rashes. And it smells nice, too, when it’s applied.

3Mitchum Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant Stick


Formulated to be a deodorant that can easily be used by either men or women, this antiperspirant can be used by almost anyone. This product is designed to smoothly apply to a person’s underarm area and to do it without leaving white marks. It’s also designed to do a great job at controlling odor and wetness, keeping people odor free and dry for up to 24-hours at a time. The most important thing about this product, however, is that it’s very gentle on everyone’s underarm area. In fact, it’s so gentle, it can even be used right after the armpits have been shaven.

2Secret Women’s Clinical Strength Free Deodorant


Secret Clinical Strength Free is strong enough to fight sweat and body odor, but it’s gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. The main reason why it’s so gentle is that it’s free of many of the harsh chemicals that can be found in most commercial antiperspirants and deodorants. The two main ingredients that are missing from this deodorant formulation are artificial dyes and parabens. And since Secret makes sure that this formula is packed with conditioners that soothe the skin, it also conditions the skin as it protects it. That makes it a great deodorant for women with sensitive skin.

1Nivea For Men Sensitive Protect Antiperspirant Deodorant


Just because a person has sensitive skin doesn’t mean that they don’t need odor and wetness protection. Fortunately, deodorant users don’t have to sacrifice performance for comfort when they use Nivea For Men Sensitive Protect. This antiperspirant deodorant is capable of providing up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection, and do it without irritating underarm skin. That’s because it uses ingredients that are better for the wearer’s skin such as witch hazel, Vitamin E, and Chamomile. The harmful ingredient that’s missing from this antiperspirant, however, is alcohol. Alcohol is an ingredient that dries out and irritates skin so it’s best avoided.

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