Best Dove Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

When the Lever Brothers first started the Dove brand in 1957, they used it to sell their unique line of beauty bars. Eventually, they began developing a number of different beauty and hygiene product including body washes, facial cleansers, and shampoos. Although all of these products are very well made, probably their most impressive line of products is their deodorant line.

Dove deodorants are some of the best deodorants and antiperspirants that can be bought today, but there is quite a difference between their number one and number ten deodorants. To illustrate the difference between these different products, we’ve come up with a top ten list which people can use as a guide when they’re buying their next deodorant.

Best Dove Deodorants

10Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials


Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials not only provides an excellent defense against odor and wetness, but it also takes care of the wearer’s skin thanks to Nutrium Moisture Technology. What this means is that it can soothe razor burn and won’t needlessly dry out the wearer’s skin. It’s a formula that doesn’t contain any alcohol butcontains a whole lot of moisturizers, so it’s as easy on the skin as it is tough on odor. This deodorant can also provide the wearer with 48-hours of odor protection, so they can go through their day with the confidence they need.

9Dove Advanced Care Caring Coconut Antiperspirant


Wearing Dove Caring Coconut Advanced Care deodorant is kind of like sending your armpits on a tropical vacation. It has a mild scent of coconut to it, and it goes on the skin quite smoothly. It’s a non-irritating formula that can provide up to 48-hours of wetness and odor protection at a time, but it does it with causing skin irritation. It’s made with 1/4 moisturizers such as calendula and sunflower seed oils, so it helps to soothe razor burn as it goes on. This product is one of the better deodorants from Dove, and that makes it a product worthy to be considered.

8Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea


This antiperspirant is another one in the Dove Go Fresh and therefore, it has a lot of good things going for it. Not only does it provide a full 2-days of odor and wetness protection, but it also helps to protect delicate skin. It’s able to do this because it’s never made with alcohol and contains 1/4 moisturizers. This allows it to be applied even after the armpits have been shaven and its formula will never dry out the skin. Another great thing about this product is that is has a cucumber and green tea scent that isn’t too strong but isn’t too mild either.

7Dove Antiperspirant Powder Scent


This deodorant is made to be tough but to also be gentle on the skin. It’s a translucent formula that goes on smoothly and doesn’t every leave white marks on the skin or on clothing. This product provides 24-hours of odor and wetness protection, allowing the wearer to feel confident all day long. And since it is not made with alcohol and contains 1/4 moisturizers, this product is also as gentle on the skin as it can be. What really makes it a great product, however, is that it has a baby powder scent that’s just strong enough to be noticed but isn’t too strong as to overpower body sprays or perfumes.

6Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit & Lemongrass


Designed with a pleasant citrus scent, this newer deodorant from Dove is sure to put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. It’s a new product in the Go Fresh line and it really does have a remarkable scent to it. However, that’s not the only reason this deodorant is worth trying out. It also has the power to combat underarm odor and wetness that women need it to combat. This formula will provide up to 24-hours of odor protection and is very easy to apply. And since it is made with 1/4 moisturizing creams and without the addition of any alcohol, this product is as gentle on the skin as it is tough on odor.

5Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Antiperspirant


Dove knows that men sometimes need a deodorant that goes up and above what ordinary antiperspirants can provide and that’s why they’ve created this product. It’s designed to provide the wearer with all of the odor and wetness protection that a man may need to get through their busy day. However, this brand also knows that just because men want a deodorant to be tough on sweat doesn’t mean that they also want it to be tough on their skin. And that’s why they’ve made this particular deodorant with 1/4 moisturizers so it won’t irritate the wearer’s skin unnecessarily.

4Dove Original Clean Deodorant


What makes Dove Original Clean such a good deodorant? For one thing, it’s made using 1/4 moisturizers and is also made without alcohol, so the wearer never has to worry about it irritating their skin or drying it out. This allows the wearer’s underarms to remain smooth, soft and supple all day long. Another thing that makes this a great product is that it can provide up to 24-hours of odor and wetness protection. This allows the wearer to go about her day without having to reapply the product or worry about its effectiveness. No wonder its one of the more sought after deodorants from Dove.

3Dove Men+ Care Antiperspirant Clean Comfort Stick


Although Dove was a company known for decades for producing products for women, that all changed when they released their Dove Men+ Care line. This product line features some of the best deodorants for men a person can hope to find, and Clean Comfort is no exception to this rule. This product not only provides 48-hours of effective odor and sweat protection, but it also helps to protect against skin irritations. It’s capable of performing this task because, like most other Dove products, this one is made with 1/4 moisturizers which help to soothe skin, even as it protects it against odor and wetness.

2Dove Antiperspirant Spray International Version 10-Pack


Finding that one true go-to deodorant that not only provides the odor and wetness protection you need but also allows you to express your individual style can be tough to find. Particularly, when they’re so many different brands available. Fortunately, this 10-pack of Dove deodorants makes things a bit easier. It has 10 of the best International Version deodorants from Dove, so the wearer can try each one out and decide which is best for them. In this pack is Go Fresh Grapefruit & Lemongrass, Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea, Natural Touch, Sensitive, Original and Cotton Dry, among others.

1Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant Cool Essentials


This 2.6-ounce of deodorant is designed to glide on smoothly and to provide the odor protection a woman needs. Since this quality deodorant is made with 1/4 moisturizers, this product is gentle on the skin and won’t even irritate sensitive underarms after shaving. This product is also made without alcohol, which helps prevent it from drying out the wearer’s skin. This deodorant provides up to a full 48-hours of odor protection, and it has a soothing green tea and cucumber scent. Now no one has to sacrifice soft underarms in order to get the odor and wetness protection they need.

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A Guide To Dove Deodorants

Dove is a brand that’s known for producing some of the most wholesome products available nowadays. Products that include everything from moisturizers to deodorants. They’re also known for not only creating these products but also using advertising campaigns that advance the ideas of self-confidence, self-love, and body image positivity. That’s why we’ve decided to take some time out of our day and illuminate a spotlight on this product briefly, so all of our readers can discover not only some of the products made by this company but also some of the positive vibes that Dove emanates into the world. 

The History Of Dove

We’d like to begin this guide by taking a few moments to talk about the history of this company. Even though most people know this brand as a company owned by Unilever—one of the largest beauty brands in the world—it actually had much humbler beginnings. Dove was initially founded in 1957 by the Lever Brothers—a company that was started by William Hesketh Lever. This company was the first one to provide consumers with an alternative to ordinary soap. After all, regular soap—especially early formulations—tended to dry out the skin. Dove was different, however, because it contained moisturizers that kept the skin silky smooth. 

Of course, although the Dove Beauty Bar is what put this company on the map, its roots actually go further back than the Dove line. This company officially began when William Lever and his brother James Darcy Lever purchased a soap and cleaning product works in Warrington in 1885. This is when the Lever Brothers officially began. One of the first things that the brother did was to enlist the service of a chemist from their home town named William Hough Watson. 

William Hough Watson was tasked with the task of making a free-lathering soap from palm oil and glycerin instead of beef tallow—which is what soap at the time used. This is a task that he accomplished and the product he created was originally named “Honey” before it would go on to be renamed “Sunlight Soap.” This soap would go on to become extremely popular over the following ten years and it would end up being sold in over 134 countries. 

By the time 1888 rolled around, Lever Brothers were making over 450 tonnes of soap a year. This company would go on and keep growing for decades to come and by 1930, the company was employing a quarter of a million people and had become not only the largest soap company but also one of the largest companies period in Britain. It would then merge with Margarine Unie—a Dutch company—to become the first modern multinational company. And as they say, the rest is history. 

Some Of The Products Currently Made By Dove

Although it’s practically impossible to keep up with all of the products produced by Dove, considering that they release new products on a regular basis, we can go over some of the Dove products we like at this moment. Although the above list contains our picks for the best Dove deodorants available, the following list also contains some products we’re also fond of using. 

  • Dove White Beauty Bar
  • Dove Pink Beauty Bar
  • Dove Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla Hand Sanitizer
  • Dove Lavender & Chamomile Hand Sanitizer
  • Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo

How To Apply Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Now that we’ve gone over the history of Dove deodorants and talked briefly about some of the Dove products that we love, it’s now time to turn our attention to applying Dove deodorants properly—although the following tips will also work quite well for just about any other deodorant or antiperspirant our readers might use. 

Step One: If It’s A Can…Shake It

If the consumer is using a can of deodorant or antiperspirant, then the first thing they are going to want to do is to give it a good hard shake. That’s because the ingredients in an aerosol can of deodorant separate. However, if the consumer gives it a shake, then all of the ingredients will be mixed together quite well. 

Step Two: Spray Aerosol Deodorants From A Distance

The next thing that aerosol deodorant users need to think about is the distance in which they spray their product. The best distance is approximately six inches from the armpit. This is approximately halfway between the user’s underarm and their elbow. 

Step Three: Use Aerosols In Short Bursts

Something else that some people do when they spray their aerosol deodorant that isn’t right is to spray it until they’re completely in a cloud of deodorant. This is just a waste of product and doesn’t serve any purpose. Instead of spraying a long aerosol spray, the consumer should use short bursts for the best results.