Best Juicy Couture Perfumes in 2020 – Reviews

Juicy Couture is a brand that was founded by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy in 1997 in California. This company was initially created to sell maternity pants but started producing velour tracksuits that became extremely popular among certain celebrities. This brand was eventually purchased by Liz Claiborne, who decided to release a line of perfumes. Now, the line has almost 40 perfumes to its name and is considered an established perfume.

Although many of the perfumes produced by this company are great, not all of them are scents that people would embrace. That’s why we’ve decided to go out and find out which of their perfumes are really the best. And what we’ve discovered is that the following fragrances are the best Juicy Couture perfumes currently available out of their massive line of scents.

Best Juicy Couture Perfumes

9Oui Juicy Couture For Women


Since this perfume was released in 2018, it’s one of the newer Juicy Couture perfumes currently available. It’s also the best one available, at least in our opinion. This scent has a combination of fruity and floral notes that flow extremely well together and its all supported by a framework of earthy and fragrant scents. Its peak contains notes of pear mixed with watermelon, and acai berries mixed with green tea. It’s heart notes consist of ephemeral scents that include tuberose, honeysuckle, and jasmine. And it’s base supports all of it with notes of amber, musk, and woodsy notes. This perfume’s scent profile may be very soft, but it is extremely beautiful.

8Juicy Couture Malibu For Women


As you would expect from its name, Malibu is a scent that is designed to be a fragrant embodiment of Californian fun in the sun. It has a flacon that as original as the fragrance contained within it, and its unapologetic about its delivery. At its top is an expanse of fragrances that are almost too numerous to list. There are notes of passion fruit and Mandarin orange, watermelon and green apple, green leaves and black currant. This perfume also has heart notes which contain several bouquets of floral scents including wild rose and tuberose, and when it eventually settles into its base notes, they smell like musk and sweet Pacific woods.

7Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy


It would appear from the name that this perfume considers itself to be especially juicy. However, what we discovered is that it was more of an insightful blend of floral and fruity notes. At its tip-top, this perfume has wonderful notes of wild berries that tinged with the citrusy smell of Mandarin orange. It’s heart notes contain a floral bouquet of scents which include jasmine, gardenia, and honeysuckle. At its base are sweet scents which include caramel, amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. This is a scent profile that blends well together, has a moderate sillage and really smells great.

6Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur


Originally launched in 2012, Viva La Juicy La Fleur is a perfume that’s supposed to have a youthful and enchanting scent profile, and indeed it does. This fragrance has well-balanced layers and has a soft, fragrant sillage that seems to last just long enough to be effective. Although this perfume won’t win any awards for its longevity, what it lacks in endurance it makes up for in style. This perfume has soft top notes that include water lily and wild berries mixed with just a touch of Mandarin orange. Its hearts notes consist of jasmine, gardenia, and honeysuckle, while it’s base note consist of sandalwood, caramel, and vanilla.

5Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir


At first glance, this perfume’s metallic pink flacon might seem like it may be home to a bright and warm scent, but its singular black bow reveals darker intentions. Originally released in the summer of 2013, this perfume is designed to explore a more seductive side of femininity than most of the other Juicy Couture perfumes that had been released before it. Fruity notes of wild berries and Mandarin oranger pervade its top layer, while the floral notes of gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle hide in its heart. And this fruity floral blend is propped up by a base that includes the more seductive notes of caramel, amber, and vanilla.

4Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold


Viva La Juicy Gold Couture is a perfume that was originally released in 2014, and it has been fairly popular. It was created by perfumer Honoric Blanc, and its scent is a complex array of floral and fruit notes. It has a good amount of sillage and moderate longevity, so it’s capable of accompanying a person through their day without being too overpowering. This perfume’s top notes consist of a blend of wild berries, it’s heart or middle notes consist of a combination of jasmine and honeysuckle, and its base layer is filled with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and caramel. It’s warm, sweet, and slightly inviting.

3Couture Couture by Juicy Couture for Women


This perfume’s name may be redundant, but its fragrance profile is a cacophony of beautiful fruit and floral notes. At its peak, this perfume contains traces of grapefruit, African orange flower, and Mandarin orange. At its bottom, it contains notes of sandalwood, amber, and sweet vanilla. What’s really interesting about this perfume, however, are neither of its top or bottom notes. Its heart notes are the ones that make this perfume resonate with most people. That’s because its sweet heart has just a touch of honeysuckle, plum, and jasmine. Just enough to capture a person’s nose and enchant them completely.

2Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose


Packaged in a glittery pink bottle with a simple pink bow on it, this perfume looks like it’s ready to make a statement. Released initially in 2008, this perfume has been around long enough to really catch some women’s attention. Inside of its bottle, this perfume is ready to wage war against what people think of Juicy Couture fragrances. It has pear, Mandarin orange, and jasmine top notes and it has middle notes of peony and rose. At its very base is the understated fresh scents of orris. Although it’s not a scent everyone will love, it’s certainly found its fair share of die-hard believers.

1I Am Juicy Couture Perfume


Even though we really can’t give it high marks for its uninspired name, we can give it a lot of credit for its fragrance profile. That’s because this scent doesn’t smell like anything else we’ve ever smelled. This perfume was developed with perfumer Dora Baghriche and is supposed to be a perfume targeted towards millennials. Passion fruit and raspberry make up its top notes, and cashmere and musk make up its bottom notes. Although those scents may seem routine, pairing them with the heart notes of gardenia, rose and sweet pea is what allows this perfume to mature into a scent that’s ideal for confident young women.

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A Guide To Juicy Couture Perfumes

Even though Juicy Couture doesn’t have as many perfumes in its fragrance line as other design houses do, no one can deny that they produce some of the most visually interesting perfume bottles of any fragrance company today. Their bottles of perfume make a statement, almost as much as the perfume that’s contained within them.

Since this perfume company only has about 40 perfumes in its fragrance collection, it’s a lot easier for consumers to choose one that suits their sense of style. Since we want to narrow our reader’s search down to only one or two bottles of perfume that suit them, we decided to write this guide that will provide all of the information they need to buy the best Juicy Couture perfume for them.

A Quick History Of Juicy Couture

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of selecting a Juicy Couture perfume, we thought that it might benefit our readers to go over the company’s history a little bit. Juicy Couture started as a casualwear brand, and it was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1997. It was founded by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, and the company was eventually bought out by Liz Claiborne around 2003. After this transition, the company became a global seller of fashion clothing and accessories including velour tracksuits, handbags, intimate wear, accessories, sunglasses, and a whole lot of other types of accessories. In 2006, they produced their first fragrance, and now they have 40+ perfumes in their collection.

Choosing A Juicy Couture Perfume

Now that we understand the history of the company, it’s time to turn our attention to buying the best Juicy Couture available. And that’s not as difficult as some of our readers might believe. If our readers take a few moments to think about their style and which fragrance notes best reflect their personality, they should have no problem finding one that’s right for them.

Just Choose A Collection

Although not all Juicy Couture perfumes are in their own collection, there are groups of fragrances that are grouped into certain collections. Each of these collections emphasis a particular grouping of notes, so if the consumer knows which fragrances they like, they can choose the collection that’s appropriate for them. Below are some of the Juicy Couture collections that are available.

I Am Juicy Couture

This collection contains perfumes that have fruity top notes, floral heart notes, and sensual bottom notes. Some of the notes found in some of the perfumes include passionfruit, apples, red berries, raspberries, rose, heliotrope, sweet pea, amber or musk. Perfumes found in this collection include:

  • I Am Juicy Couture
  • I Love Juicy Couture
  • I Am Juicy Couture Dry Oil Shimmer Mist

Juicy Couture Regal Collection

This collection of fragrances include perfumes that are based on Oriental or Oriental/Wood-based notes. Some of the notes that can be found in the perfumes in this collection include Orris, Franganpani, woodsy notes, musk, amber, and Taif rose. Perfumes in this collection include:

  • Glistening Amber
  • Majestic Woods
  • Royal Rose

Juicy Couture Malibu Collection

This collection of perfumes are designed to represent the West Coast lifestyle and the carefree California lifestyle. These perfumes include sparkling fruit scents and fresh floral scents that tantalize the nose and energize the body. Some of the notes found in this collection include Mandarin orange, green apple, watermelon, passion fruit, strawberries, peony, jasmine, water lily, vanilla, sugar or musk. Perfumes in this collection include:

  • Couture La La Malibu
  • Juicy Couture Malibu
  • Malibu Surf

Juicy Couture OUI

This collection of perfumes contain fruity-floral combinations that are unique. Some of the combinations of fragrance notes that can be found in these perfumes include watermelon/acai berry/pear top notes paired with honeysuckle/tuberose/jasmine base notes and woodsy/amber/musk notes, or raspberry/orange top notes paired with pink pepper/jasmine heart notes and moss/musk/vanilla base notes. The two perfumes in this collection include:

  • Juicy Couture OUI
  • Juicy Couture OUI Glow

Juicy Couture Rock The Rainbow

This collection of perfumes is designed around a color scheme that gives the consumer a hint at what inside the bottle. For example, Bye Bye Blues has watery/lemony top notes, floral middle notes, and musk/amber bottom notes. Oh, So Orange has Mandarin orange/kumquat top notes, whipped cream/orange middle notes, and musk/sandalwood bottom notes. Pretty In Purple has pink pepper and bergamot top notes, rose and gardenia middle notes, and cedar/vetiver bottom notes. And, Rah Rah Rouge has pineapple/plum/orange top notes, peony/lily middle notes, and bottom notes that include vanilla/musk. Below are the fragrances in this collection:

  • Bye Bye Blues
  • Oh So Orange
  • Pretty In Purple
  • Rah Rah Rouge

Shop Our Top List

Of course, if our readers don’t want to shop Juicy Couture Collections to find the one that suits their needs, they can always choose one from our above top list. We’ve gone through great pains to bring the best Juicy Couture perfumes to our readers, so they can easily find one that fits their style, personality, and attitude.