Best Michael Kors Perfumes in 2020 – Reviews

Michael Kors is a company that’s best known for its womenswear collection, which isn’t surprising considering that they’ve been making high-quality women’s clothing since 1981. However, we’re here to state that they also sell beautiful fragrances that women love. They have over 53+ fragrances in their fragrance line, and we loved this line so much we wanted to make sure we introduce the best ones to our readers.

The fragrances made by this company are done in partnership with Estee Lauder, and they’ve been making quality fragrances for over 2-decades now. They use some of the finest perfumers to design their fragrances and that includes such greats as Aurelien Guichard, Steve DeMercado, and Honorine Blanc. Below are some of the best Michael Kors perfumes—fragrances that are sensual, enchanting, and above all, magical.

Best Michael Kors Perfumes

10Michael Kors Sparkling Blush for Women


This perfume was launched by Michael Kors in 2018, and it’s the best addition of any of the fragrances that they’ve released. This fragrance is supposed to be a representation of the shimmer of gemstones captured in a beautiful and enchanting scent. This luxurious perfume has top notes that include pear, pink pepper, bergamot, and litchi. Its heart includes a floral bouquet of notes that include Bulgarian rose, jasmine, magnolia, and lily; and buried at its base are the subtle but warm notes of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and vetiver. This is a fragrance that speaks of unbridled luxury and glamor, which makes it the perfect fragrance to wear while sipping champagne or enjoying caviar.

9Michael Kors Glam Jasmine


Glam Jasmine is a simple and elegant fragrance that was added to the Michael Kors perfume collection during the summer of 2013. This was a fragrance that was designed by Harry Fremont and was designed for the glamorous woman as its name would probably imply. This fragrance has a moderate sillage and longevity as well and is the perfect scent for daywear or nightwear. The top notes in this fragrance include jasmine, and its heart includes notes of cassis and white flowers. And finally, at its base can be found notes of sandalwood, a scent that brings this simple but elegant fragrance together.

8Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold Eau de Parfum


Radiant Rose is another very simple fragrance that can be found in the Michael Kors perfume line. This scent was released in 2015 as a floral and woody fragrance for women. It’s a scent that has moderate longevity and sillage and shines down to a very elegant and simple fragrance. This perfume only consists of three basic notes, notes that are spread out among the top, heart, and base of this perfume. At its top layer comes through a strong scent of rare spices, but this quickly yields to the heart notes of flowers within a couple of minutes or so. This basic formula then rests these notes upon a base that consists of silky musk. All of this makes this a fresh and spicy fragrance that’s unique to say the least.

7Michael Kors Sexy Amber Eau De Parfum


This is another fragrance that was released in August of 2013 and is considered by anyone wearing it as an extremely sexy and seductive perfume. It’s a fragrance that was designed by Harry Fremont, and its entire composition rests upon a single string of floral and warm notes. What we mean by that statement is that this perfume doesn’t have top notes or base notes per se, but the entire fragrance is just one string of heart notes. Heart notes that consists of warm amber and sandalwood that’s been thoroughly mixed with the feminine scents of white flowers. All of this truly makes it a very feminine and seductive fragrance.

6Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer Eau de Parfum


This perfume was the first perfume released in the Michael Kors Shimmer Collection, a collection that included such remarkable perfumes as Starlight Shimmer and Twilight Shimmer. This fragrance, Midnight Shimmer, is a sensual scent representation of night and is considered by most of the women who wear it to be a very glamorous fragrance that’s ideal for a night out. Some of the notes that can be found in this perfume include top notes of quince, freesia, and jasmine; heart notes that include birch, vanilla, and amber wood; and base notes that include musk, balsam wood, and moss. It’s truly a fragrance for denizens of the night.

5Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum Spray


Michael Kors Wonderlust is a perfume that’s designed to capture the awe and wonder of traveling. This fragrance was designed by renowned perfumers Aurelien Guichard and Honorine Blanc and released to the general public in 2016. It’s a fragrance that balances on the razor point of its main note: flowers of the Caryophyllaceae family. This perfume has top notes that include almond milk, pink pepper, and bergamot. It also has heart notes that include heliotrope, carnations, and jasmine. At its base can be found cashmere and sandalwood entwines in a sensual embrace. It truly is a fragrance for travelers of the world, or at least, women who want to feel like world travelers.

4Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold Perfume


Released in 2015 and based upon an intoxicating elixir of fruity and floral notes, this perfume is designed to make the wearer feel like they’re worth as much as a pallet of gold ingots. It’s a scent that lasts a long time and has moderate to heavy sillage. Even though it does tend to lean towards the heavy side of the fragrance spectrum, we feel that it’s not really a fragrance for nightwear but is instead a daytime fragrance. It has top notes of Mandarin orange, middle heart notes of flowers, and base notes of wood. It’s a perfume that might make the wearer feel like a million bucks, but it’s definitely a floral perfume.

3Michael Kors Very Hollywood Women Perfume


Michael Kors Very Hollywood is a perfume that was released late summer of 2009 and is designed to be a glamorous fragrance that’s a mixture of floral and fruity scents. It’s a perfume that gives a nod to old Hollywood and is even encased in a bottle that would be at home sitting on the makeup vanity of Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, or maybe even Grace Kelly. This perfume has top notes that include bergamot, raspberry, and Mandarin orange; heart notes that include ylang-ylang, orris root, gardenia, and jasmine; and the base notes that support it includes amber, oakmoss, and vetiver.

2Michael Kors By Michael Kors For Women


Yes, this perfume has indeed been around for over 20-years. It’s also true that it was designed by leading perfumers Alain Alchenberger and Laurent Le Guernec. What isn’t true, however, is that it’s a fragrance that is well past its prime. We feel that this is a perfume that will remain in the spotlight for many years to come thanks to its exciting blend of Oriental and floral notes. The notes at the top of this fragrance include vanilla, osmanthus, and freesia. At its heart can be found notes of lily, tuberose, iris, orris root, and peony. And finally, the notest that hold up this incredible scent are notes of musk, cashmere, and vetiver.

1Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Perfume


Sexy Ruby Perfume is a fragrance that was released in 2017 and is based upon a woody base that supports dainty floral and fruity notes. It has two main top notes that include raspberry and apricot and two heart notes that include jasmine and roses. Its base has a single note of cashmere wood. This is a perfume with a moderate sillage, but it’s not as long-lasting that we would’ve liked. One of the main complaints is that this scent wears off too quickly. And while this is true, we still think that it’s a great scent that smells delicious while it lasts.

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A Guide To Michael Kors Fragrances

Michael Kors is a company that has concerned itself with American classics and the jet-set lifestyle ever since they first began with their line of womenswear. So it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that their fragrance lines tend to convey much of that same feel. It’s the main reason so many people find this company’s fragrances almost irresistible.

We’ve known for quite some time how their fragrances have captured the imagination of women not only in the U.S but all over the world, so we decided to supply our readers with a little more information on this company. This guide is going to give all of our readers a look behind the curtain of this company’s fragrance line so that everyone will have the information they need to make an informed decision.

The History Of Michael Kors

You can’t get into the history of Michael Kors fragrances, or any of their other products for that fact, without first talking about the man behind the company—Michael David Kors. This man, whose birth name was Karl Anderson Jr., was born to Joan Hamburger—a former model—and Karl Anderson Senior on August 9, 1959.

When his mother married William Kors in 1964, his surname was changed to Kors. With the change of his surname, his mother also offered him the chance to change first and middle name as well, if he so desired. This is when he decided to adopt the name, Michael David, thereby completing his transformation from Karl Anderson Jr. to Michael David Kors.

Because of his early exposure to the fashion industry through his mother’s modeling career, he soon took interest in the industry and even took the time to design some clothing for his mother. As a teen, he would go on to design and sell clothes out of his basement, and at the age of 14, he decided that he was going to become a fashion designer.

In 1977, he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After approximately 9-months, he dropped out, however, and he ended up working as a salesman at a local fashion boutique. This position as a salesperson was only temporary though, and he ended up becoming both the designer and the visual display editor for the store.

It was his position as a visual display editor that caught the attention of Dawn Mello, the fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman—which just so happened to be across the street from the boutique where Michael had been working. In 1981, he launched his womenswear label at Bergdorf Goodman, and the company eventually took on his work under the license KORS. Unfortunately, this line would be placed on hold when he filled a Chapter 11 filing in 93—a direct result of the closure of Bergdorf Goodman.

In 1997, he turned things around and began to offer a lower-priced womenswear line for Celine—a French fashion house. This is when things began to take. In 2001, Michael Kors would go on to release his fashion fragrance line, a line that began with the fragrance Michael For Women. The rest, as they so aptly say, is history.

A Look At Some Michael Kors Perfume Collections

Even though we think that our top list covered the perfumes that we feel are the best ones in the company’s repertoire—we feel that we would be remiss if we didn’t at least do a brief overview of some of the company’s other fragrance offerings. With that being said, below are some of the fragrances that weren’t included in our top list but are ones that we adore nonetheless.

Michael Kors Island Collection

A collection that we think captures its name perfectly is the Island Collection. This collection of fragrances are based on the scents of floral and fruity scents—some tropical and some not—to capture the essence of walking along an Island’s beach. Some of the notes that can be found in these fragrances include rose, lily, tulip, honeysuckle, jasmine, Tiare flower, orange blossoms, passion flowers, freesia, cypress, leather, and the smell of bark from olive trees. Some of the perfumes in this collection include the following:

  • Island (2005)
  • Island Fiji (2006)
  • Island Hawaii (2007)
  • Island Bermuda (2008)
  • Island Capri (2008)
  • Island Very Bali (2011)
  • Island Palm Beach (2011)

Michael Kors Extreme Collection

This collection of fragrances was first released in 2015 and they are designed to be fragrances that men will love. These fragrances are made with an aromatic blend of spices and earthy notes that are paired with just the right flowers and fruits. Some of the notes that the wearer can expect to find in these fragrances are pink or black pepper, cardamom, sesame, sage, juniper, nutmeg, cypress, musk, Tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, vanilla, red thyme, blood oranges or bergamot, and cypress. Some of the fragrances in this collection include the following:

  • Extreme Blue
  • Extreme Night
  • Extreme Rush
  • Extreme Sky
  • Extreme Speed