Best Mitchum Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

Mitchum deodorant is a brand that’s been marketed since the 1950s and really gained its prominence during the 1970s. That was when the company released its slogan: Mitchum is so effective, you can skip a day. Although during the 1990s and early 2000s, it seemed to drop out of favor with the mainstream public, over the last few years it has really made a comeback. A comeback that’s probably due to the release of a new line of exciting products.

Now that this brand has reentered the imagination of the public, we decided that we would put some of their products to the test to see which ones are the best. After going through their entire catalog of products, we came across ten that consumers should really test out. Now that we’ve said that, it’s time to check out the ten best Mitchum deodorants that are currently available.

Best Mitchum Deodorants

10Mitchum 3.4-Ounce Mountain Air Antiperspirant Gel


Delivering up to 48-hours of odor protection, and with a great Mountain Air scent, this quality Mitchum deodorant is sure to keep even the hardest working man’s armpits nice and dry. It’s designed with 25% Aluminum, to stop sweat production right at the pores and is also equipped with Oxygen Odor Control System that knocks out armpit odor. This combination allows people to get more work done and to worry less about their personal hygiene. And since this version of Mitchum Mountain Air is now in a larger 3.4-ounce package, it will last longer than other versions of this deodorant.

9Mitchum Men Unscented Roll-On Deodorant


Most people wouldn’t think that an unscented deodorant could do a good job of handling underarm sweat and odor, but in all actuality, this is one of the better Mitchum deodorants available. This 3.4-ounce roll-on goes on smoothly, and each bottle lasts through many, many applications. Once applied, this product stops perspiration at the armpit pores, so people can spend more time living their life and less time applying deodorant. It uses a blend of 20% Aluminum that stops sweating and body odor for up to 48-hours at a time. And since it doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, it’s also easier on the user’s skin.

8Mitchum Advanced Gel Powder Fresh


Designed exclusively to deal with women’s odor and wetness, this advanced gel not only has a Powder Fresh scent, but it’s also manufactured with some powerful deodorizers and antiperspirants. This product uses a solution of 25% Aluminum to stop underarm sweat production and it’s also using a bunch of different ingredients for fighting odor. It’s a fast-acting formula that dries almost on contact and helps the underarm area stay dry all day long. It won’t leave a messy white residue on black clothing, and is designed to be easy on the skin, so just about anyone can use it.

7Mitchum Men Sport Clear Gel


Designed with a Triple Odor Defense system that can withstand even the toughest of physical workouts, this Mitchum Antiperspirant is designed for men who lead extremely active and stressful lives. Not only can this deodorant shield against motion and heat, but it can also protect against stress sweating, too. It does this with a solution of 25% Aluminum, which goes right to the pores of men’s armpits and shuts down sweat production. With less sweat being produced, there’s less odor, so that’s basically how this deodorant works to keep men smelling and feeling fresh all day regardless of their circumstances.

6Mitchum For Women Powder Fresh Antiperspirant


This Mitchum deodorant for women is designed to help women remain odor-free and dry all day long. It does this through Mitchum’s proprietary Oxygen-Odor Control Technology, which gets the root of body odor and eliminates. It also does it through a 20% formulation of Aluminum Zirconium that immediately stops sweat product and holds it off for up to 48-hours at a time. This antiperspirant is made with a powerful formula that’s also safe on the skin and doesn’t contain any alcohol. Approved by dermatologists, this quality deodorant is also suitable for all skin types as well and won’t harm sensitive skin.

5Mitchum Mountain Air Advanced Gel


Not many men are familiar with Mitchum Mountain Air Advanced Gel Antiperspirant, which really is a shame because this is one of the better antiperspirants available nowadays. This alcohol-free gel goes on clear, never irritates the skin and never leaves yellow stains on white T-shirts. It’s a quick-drying gel that won’t leave a white, flaky mess on men’s clothing and is safe to use by all skin types. The best part about this deodorant, however, is that it really stops underarm and wetness dead in its tracks. In fact, this product will able to stop wetness for up to 48-hours at a time.

4Mitchum For Men Antiperspirant Dry Spray


Regardless of whether you work 12-hour shifts at work, lead an active lifestyle or work a stressful job, then you are going to want a deodorant that can handle the perspiration your armpits produce. Fortunately, there is such a product, and it’s called Mitchum For Men Dry Spray. As the name implies, this product sprays on dryly and immediately goes to work drying the underarm area of the wearer. And then it works even harder to keep those armpits nice and dry for up to 48-hours at a time. It’s an antiperspirant deodorant designed for the active man, and it has a Sport Scent just about anyone will love.

3Mitchum For Women Advanced Control


Mitchum Advanced Control antiperspirant is designed for women who need to get good control over underarm perspiration and odor. Since it’s a clear gel, it’s designed to go on smoothly and to stay right in the area where it’s placed. Once it’s been applied, it then uses its Triple Action Defense System to combat underarm wetness and body odor. It uses a 25% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, which is nearly prescription level wetness protection and a clean Shower Fresh scent to cover up offensive underarm odor. It’s a product that will help women get through even her most stressful day by keeping underarm wetness to a minimum.

2Mitchum Clinical Women’s Antiperspirant


In the world of women’s deodorants, it doesn’t appear that all of them take the perspiration needs of women seriously. Many of them are underpowered and are designed for people with lower activity levels. This Mitchum deodorant is a bit different, however. Not only does it takes the perspiration control needs of women seriously, but it works very hard to eliminate underarm sweating and odor. It’s a clinical level formula that contains Oxygen Odor-Control Technology built into it. This technology allows the antiperspirant to fight body odor and wetness for up to 48-hours at a time without needing to be reapplied.

1Mitchum Antiperspirant Dry Spray


As the name of this product suggests, it’s a dry-spray that goes on the underarm area smoothly and doesn’t leave a wet and sticky mess like some spray deodorants. Since it’s not made with alcohol, this product is also easy on sensitive armpit skin, so users don’t have to worry too much about whether the product is irritating. It’s a deodorant spray for women that has a powder fresh scent that’s subtle but not too light. The best thing about this deodorant, however, is that it really handles perspiration well, so women can expect their sweat to be put on hiatus for anywhere from 24 to 48-hours.

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