Best Old Spice Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

Old Spice deodorants have gone through an interesting life cycle. They originally hit the market as some of the most effective deodorants and antiperspirants available, and then they became known as a brand that was worn only by older men. Fortunately, their image has changed once again, and they’re finally being seen for what they are: truly effective deodorants that stave off body odor and perspiration.

Part of the reason for this brand’s comeback was that they reformulated their products with some interesting scents and released a series of fun playful advertisements. However, they also increased the efficacy of their deodorants as well, so consumers were able to feel confident using them. And now they’re back on top. To celebrate their journey, we’ve decided to list the top ten deodorants made by Old Spice.

Best Old Spice Deodorants

10Old Spice Red Zone Lemon Lime Deodorant


If you want to push your body to its absolute limits, then you are going to need a deodorant that’s capable of keeping body odor at bay. This aluminum-free formula won’t clog up skin pores when it’s applied, but it’s capable of delivering a full 24-hours of odor protection. This product can be applied in the morning and is capable of going until the next day. And it has a pleasant lemon/lime scent that’s not only appealing to the wearer but also to everyone around them. Anyone who needs their deodorant to work as hard as they work is going to want to try this deodorant out to see if it works for them.

9Old Spice Wild Collection Krakengard


Athletic men need a deodorant that’s capable of handling the heat and Old Spice Krakengard deodorant may just be the one for that purpose. This deodorant is capable of handling stressful conditions and is formulated with a great scent that’s extremely unique. This deodorant smells like a blend of ocean saltwater, fresh herbs, and citrus scents. It’s a scent that’s unlike any other deodorant’s scent and is fully capable of masking the musky armpit odor of active men. This product provides a full 24-hours of odor protection and is easy to apply. It may just be time to release the Kraken and get a good start on your day.

8Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn Scent


A man who wears Old Spice Wolfthorn isn’t one who fears adventure, he’s one who embraces it. This hardworking deodorant is capable of handling just about anything thrown at it and keep on smiling. It provides a full 24-hours of odor protection and has a nice pleasant scent that will impress everyone around the wearer. This deodorant’s fragrance is a combination of orange and other citrus scents that are capable of really covering up stuffy armpit odor. And since this quality product is never made with aluminum, it won’t clog up pores like antiperspirants tend to do. It’s a deodorant that’s made for the bold and adventurous.

7Old Spice Red Zone Aqua Reef Scent


Judging from this deodorant’s name, you would expect it to be a product worn by divers and oceanic adventurers. Although it is a good deodorant for both those occupations, it can also be worn by anyone who has even the slightest sense of adventure. This deodorant has a delightful cypress and lime scent that smells great and opens up all possibilities for the wearer. It’s also a hard-working deodorant that’s capable of providing the wearer with a full day worth of odor protection. Anyone looking to lock down their armpit odor and do it with a sense of adventure and style will probably want to check out this deodorant.

6Old Spice Wild Collection Bearglove


Bearglove is a deodorant from Old Spice’s Wild Collection and is designed for use by the commanding man. However, it’s also a deodorant that has sort of a surprising scent to it. That’s because its name suggests that it might have a musky or piney scent to it, but its scent is actually quite different. Instead, it smells like a wonderful combination of spice, apple, and citrus. What really sets this deodorant apart from other deodorants, however, isn’t its scent, but its ability to fight off body odor and wetness. Few other deodorants work as well as this one to keep the man’s armpits dry and odor free.

5Old Spice Aluminum-Free Men’s Deodorant Fiji Scent


This deodorant from Old Spice’s Fresher Collection will leave the wearer wondering whether they should head to work or maybe relax in their backyard hammock. That’s because this product has a tropical scent to it that makes the wearer feel like they’re on an exotic island. This deodorant smells like a rich combination of palm trees, coconuts, and pineapple that’s as relaxing as it is delicious smelling. However, don’t let this smooth deodorant fool you. It not only smells good but is also capable of providing a full 24-hours of odor protection. And it can do it without using pore-clogging aluminum in its formulation.

4Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport


It’s doesn’t take a genius to realize that athletes and other active men need a deodorant that can rise above other deodorants to provide them with the odor protection they need. Fortunately, Old Spice High Endurance is such a deodorant. This product is able to stop underarm odor before it even begins, so the wearer can enjoy a full 24-hours of odor protection. As the athletic male continues to push his body, this deodorant is ready to respond and increase its protection level as well. And since this product has a nice warm, pleasant scent, it’s also sure to be a hit with the opposite sex.

3Old Spice Wild Collection Hawkridge


Designed for men with swift minds, this deodorant from Old Spice is sure to allow men to get noticed. It’s made with a combination of vanilla and sandalwood, which creates a rich aroma that people won’t be able to resist and may just earn the man a kiss on the beak. This product isn’t just a product with a seductive scent, however. It also does an amazing job of eliminating body odor and is able to put armpit odor on a full 24-hour lockdown. And since it’s a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, this product doesn’t contain aluminum in its formulation—an ingredient which can clog underarm pores.

2Old Spice Aluminum-Free Deodorant For Men


Part of the Old Spice Swagger Red Collection, this stick deodorant is designed to put odor and on full lockdown. It’s also a product that won’t clog up the wearer’s armpit pores because it doesn’t contain any aluminum. This stick glides on smoothly and provides the wearer with a full 24-hours of odor protection. The main ingredients in this deodorant are water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, and fragrance. Its scent is a combination of cedarwoods and lime, so men can rest assured that when they apply this product in the morning, they are going to smell like a man all day long.

1Old Spice High-Endurance Original Scent


Described by Old Spice as a model-pleasing scent that’s sure to make men feel victorious, this deodorant is designed to provide the highest quality odor and wetness protection possible. This product is both an antiperspirant and a deodorant, so sweat and body odor stand absolutely no chance. It’s capable of providing at least 24-hours of odor protection, if not longer, so the wearer can go out and conquer the world. It has a scent that’s a blend of clove and citrus, which some people may remember as the original Old Spice scent. Fortunately, it all comes together in this quality deodorant.

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Old Spice Deodorant Guide

One of the most iconic brands in the personal hygiene niche, Old Spice has been a favorite for many men for decades now. Some of their products are better than others but one thing that is always guaranteed is the quality. Many people like them for their reasonable price tag and reliable performance but what should you expect from the red branding of Old Spice?

To help clear up a few things before you buy, we have created this guide to all things Old Spice deodorants so you can make a purchase that is right for you.

What To Expect When Buying Old Spice Deodorants


One of the most impressive aspects of using a big brand like Old Spice is the number of different products they offer. Not only are there a tonne of scents (more on that later), but there are also a variety of unique benefits depending on the product. Old Spice has decades of experience to build on so it is no surprise their deodorant range is so varied.

Invisible Range

For anyone who is fed up with finding yellow stains on their white clothes, and white marks inside their black t-shirts, Old Spice’s invisible deodorant range is a lifesaver. It combines the right ingredients to keep the user odor-free, smelling fresh, and without staining.

Sweat Defence

This is part of Old Spice’s deodorant and antiperspirant range. It enables the user to stay dry and is ideal for anyone who plays a lot of sport or goes to the gym a lot.

Extra Strength

Another string in their bow is their strong range of antiperspirant deodorants. This is their version of a clinical strength deodorant and enables anyone who suffers from excessive sweating to stay comfortable throughout the day. They also have a sport version which makes staying dry and fresh easier on the field.

Odor Blocking Ingredients

The likes of aluminum will work hard to prevent odor from stopping you in your tracks and can be found in many of their products. Although not everyone is a fan of it, many of the big brand deodorants use it as it is effective at keeping the user dry and odor-free.

Lasting Protection

For most people, Old Spice deodorant should give you odor protection for around 24 hours at a time. This is pretty standard but because the scents are distinctive and reliable, it is easy to see why.

Aluminum Free

Not all their products are aluminum-free and you can expect to see it on the label of a lot of their antiperspirant range. However, those who prefer to choose a deodorant that leaves it out of their formula will enjoy the fact that Old Spice deodorant can be purchased aluminum-free. Depending on the range, you can pick up a stick of Fiji, palm tree inspired scent, aqua reef and many more.


Where a lot of artisan deodorants can promise you new things, they often cost four times as much as the reliable brands. One of the most appealing things about Old Spice deodorants is they do not cost a lot and last a long time. This adds to the value and is part of what makes them one of the world’s best deodorant brands.

How Long Do Old Spice Deodorants Last?

This is dependant on how much you use as a deodorant can be reapplied throughout the day meaning it will not last as long. A lot of people comment on the fact that they should last a few months at a time and since there are multipacks available online, you can buy 4 of your favorite scent for a year’s supply.

What Is The Best Old Spice Deodorant?

This is dependant on personal taste and some of the special edition fragrances can come and go. One thing that is for sure is that Old Spice Red Zone Lemon Lime Deodorant is up there with the best and the citrus-inspired freshness lasts 24-hours. What is even better is the fact that it is aluminum-free which will please a lot of people.

An impressive product and a favorite for many.

Old Spice Deodorant: Stick Vs Spray

Both of these are of high quality and have their benefits. The best for most people will be the stick because it is convenient and discreet to reapply. Also, it tends to cover a wide area more thoroughly helping to spread the benefits around.

Both of them last a long time but for anyone who has breathing difficulties or the likes of asthma, a stick is a better option.


Whilst there are many brands making quality deodorant, Old Spice deserves their place among the most popular. The sheer variety and quality help them stand out and no matter what you need the most from a deodorant, their product range has all bases covered.