Best Perfumes For Girls in 2020 – Reviews

Buying deodorants for pre-teen and teenage girls can be somewhat of a chore. That’s because parents have to balance the ever-changing preferences of the young woman with their ever-changing body chemistry. And to make things the situation even more difficult, some perfumers design their perfumes with candy scents that are too sweet or floral scents that are mixed with heavy doses of vanilla. All of this makes choosing a perfume for this age group extremely difficult.

It might be difficult to choose a perfume for a young woman in this age group, but it shouldn’t be impossible. That’s why we’ve taken to the task and have researched some of the best perfumes currently being produced for this age group. And what we’ve discovered are some truly exceptional perfumes, so without further ado, let us introduce the ten best perfumes for girls.

Best Perfumes For Girls

10Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray


Equipped with a very feminine heart and fruity top notes, this is the best perfume for girls currently being produced. It’s a bubbly and energetic scent that has a moderate sillage and enough longevity to get through the day. Its top notes include raspberry, pear and grapefruit notes, while its heart notes contain notes of roses and vanilla orchid. This is all supported by a base that contains notes of marshmallow, musk, and sandalwood. And a scent that seems to run through it like a subtle scent thread is a slight smell of coconut cream. It’s a great perfume for the young and the young at heart.

9Kenneth Cole Reaction For Her


This scent is feminine and sweet, and youthful and energetic as well. It’s a body mist that sprays on easily and has a soft sillage that doesn’t pronounce itself too loudly. This gives it a light and airy feel to it that isn’t too mature for younger girls but isn’t too young for older girls. Although it can be hard to differentiate this fragrance’s heart notes from their top or base notes because they all intermingle so well, it does produce a scent that’s unlike anything else. It smells like a combination of amber, violet, and mandarin, that’s been lightly mixed raspberry and melon notes. That makes it one of the best daytime fragrances for young girls and women.

8One Direction Our Moment Eau de Parfum


Launched in 2013 as a women’s fragrance, this scent has recently caught on quite well as a girl’s perfume. That’s because it’s a youthful combination of floral and fruity notes that are supported by sensual base notes. Its fruity top notes include the scents of red currants, forest fruits, and pink grapefruit. It’s heart notes include the scents of freesia and jasmine, and it’s base note include more grounded notes of musk, patchouli, and woodsy fragrances. All of these scents come together that make a light and airy perfume with a soft sillage but a moderate amount of longevity.

7Guess Girl EDT Spray


Guess Girl is a seductive and fruity perfume that’s not only designed for young women but is also designed for the young at heart. With this fragrance, it all starts with its top notes—a brilliant combination of raspberries, bergamot, and melon. This is followed by this perfume’s heart notes that include the fragrances of orchids, black locust, and lily. These notes are then supported by sandalwood and vanilla notes that intermingle with each other and create a very sensual base to this otherwise youthful fragrance. And it has a moderate sillage and longevity that ensures it isn’t overpowering but is a fragrance that still lingers for quite some time.

6Katy Perry Meow Eau de Parfum


The fact that this perfume carries the name of Katy Perry and is contained in a pink opaque bottle that’s shaped like a cat, it’s no surprise that this perfume is extremely popular among girls. However, just because a perfume is popular doesn’t mean that it’s without any merits because this fragrance does have a lot going for it. It fruity-floral top notes of pears, tangerines, jasmine, and gardenia. These top notes are followed by heart notes of honeysuckle, orange flowers, and lilies. The fragrance is then upheld by base notes that include amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk. All of which makes it a sweet, but not cloying, candy-themed perfume.

5Disney Frozen EDT Spray


Frozen by Disney is an EDT spray that was first released in 2017 and comes in a rather large bottle that’s easy to hold by girls 3-years to 8-years of age. Although most girls will probably outgrow this fragrance by the time they reach their pre-teen years, this perfume does have an interesting scent profile that’s worth talking about. Although many people would expect this perfume to be gimmicky, or to be a one-note wonder, it’s more complex than we thought it would be. In fact, it’s a wonderful combination of wildflowers, rose, amber, and lavender.

4Vera Wang Princess EDT Spray


Originally released in 2006, Vera Wang Princess is a feminine fragrance that’s both youthful and elegant at the same time. It’s also a floral and Oriental fusion that’s smells refined and not overtly sexual. At its top, this perfume has notes of apples, Mandarin oranges, apricots, and water lilies. Its heart notes contain the floral fragrances of tuberose and tiara flower that’s been expertly mixed with the sweet notes of guava and dark chocolate. All of this is supported by a base of notes that include the grounding influences of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. And it’s all contained in a heart-shaped bottle that girls of all ages are going to love.

3Prada Candy Florale EDT Spray


When candy-scented perfumes are done wrong, they smell cheap, offensive, and overly sweet. Fortunately, Prada is a brand that knows what they’re doing, so this fragrance exceeds all expectations. Launched during the spring of 2014, this candy-scented perfume is a rich combination of sweet and floral scents that aren’t too over-the-top or cloying. At its very top is a sweet and citrusy limoncello fragrance that’s quickly followed by floral heart notes of peony. As these two intermingled scents wind down, the fragrance eventually settles into its base notes of honey, caramel, and musk. Anyone looking to smell how a candy-scented fragrance should be made should smell this inviting scent.

2Scented Things Eau de Fragrance Perfume Set


Designed for young girls and teens, this perfume set is designed with four unique scents that any girl will love. Each bottle is shaped like a little purse and holds approximately 0.68-ounce of perfume, which makes them travel-size and TSA friendly. The scent in each bottle is a little bit different from each other, but they all seem to have a common bubblegum note to all of them. Because of their small size, their unique scents and their cute presentation, this fragrance kit is a perfect gift to give girls for their birthdays, for Christmas, of for sweet sixteen parties.

1Taylor By Taylor Swift


Taylor is a perfume that was released by Taylor Swift during the summer of 2013 and has been a hit with young women ever since. That’s because this fragrance has woody base notes that support a very feminine structure of floral and fruity notes. At its top, this scent has notes of litchi, magnolia blossoms, and tangerine. Its middle notes are resplendent with notes of vanilla, peony, and hortensia, and it’s bottom notes contain notes of cashmere, sandalwood and just a touch of tangerine. All of it comes together to create a vibrant modern fragrance with an extremely youthful vibe to it.

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Perfume For Girls Guide

It can be a difficult task, finding a quality deodorant for girls that she will like. Half the battle is finding something that won’t make them cringe at the sight of it so make sure you don’t go for a cheap brand that no one has ever heard of. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on what makes a good perfume for girls.

The following guide will help you understand what you need to look for so when she opens it, there is no feigned gratitude, as you’ll notice that she wears it all the time.

What To Consider When Buying Perfume For Girls

The Right Notes

Try and find a perfume for girls that has certain fragrances that you know they will enjoy. For instance, some vanilla-based perfumes have a sweet smell which is among the most popular, and then there are more floral products.

The Bottle

As silly as it might seem to an adult, the bottle can be a big deal for teenage girls. The most popular perfume for girls often comes in an appealing bottle, after all, it is going to have to be on display somewhere in their room. A lot of perfumes in the niche will be in a fun shape (take Katy Perry’s cat-shaped Meow!) or something that looks delicate and pretty.


Because we are talking about buying perfume for girls, their skin is often more sensitive than that of an adult which should be an important factor. The better products will not be made with harsh chemicals and have a formula designed for younger wrists and necks where they are most frequently applied.


This isn’t always to do with price alone, as the person purchasing the perfume for your teenager, you want to know it is going to last. A tiny bottle might seem good value price-wise, but when it runs out after a few weeks you aren’t going to be happy.

Famous Ambassadors

Celebrities put their names onto most things these days and when it comes to perfumes for girls, there are plenty to choose from. With some kids, it almost doesn’t matter what the product smells like, as long as there is a singer or other celebrity attached to it. Take Tailor Swift’s ‘Taylor.’ With a woody fragrance and fruit notes, it is one of the most popular perfumes for girls and a lot of them would have bought it without trying it first.

Other popular products include Katy Perry’s Meow!, and One Direction’s Our Moment.

Ease of Use

A lot of perfumes for girls will have a reliable and easy to use spray that evenly pushes out the fragrance. For many girls, a broken dispenser will mean it gets put into the back of a drawer. Make sure they keep it out of direct sunlight so it maintains its quality for as long as it lasts.

Best Perfume For Pre Teens

Although it’s not something a lot of pre-teens will ask for, there are some good perfumes for pre-teens that have a pleasant floral scent that is sweeter than what a teenager might enjoy.

A good bet is by going for a product that features their favorite movie character such as Disney’s Frozen themed Eau De Toilette spray.

Eau De Toilette Vs Perfume

This is all to do with the concentration of the product as perfume is considered the stronger in terms of oil concentration which means the scent will have more of a presence, and last longer. After that, Eau de perfume should still stick around for a while, as will Eau de toilette and the weakest is Eau de cologne.

It is a big consideration for most adults although when buying perfume for girls, an Eau de toilette is often fine and a slightly weaker concentration might not be such a bad thing.

How Long Does Perfume For Girls Last?

There are a lot of factors that will determine how long a perfume for girls should last. First of all, it depends on how much they use it, then there is the bottle size.

Also, when used in the right way, a perfume will last longer than eau de toilette as she will not need to reapply throughout the day. In general, a perfume for girls should last around 3 months when used regularly, assuming it is the only one they use.

How Old Can A Child Be Before Using Perfume?

As their guardian, this is something you should gauge but there is little point in a young pre-teen using perfume. Still, if they are keen there is nothing wrong with a child over the age of 7 using something that is age-appropriate if they show an interest.


Although the task of finding the best perfume for your teenager can be challenging, the reward of their happiness when they receive the product more than makes up for the shopping.

Get this right, and it can become a favorite that they ask for again and again.