Best Sandalwood Colognes in 2019 – Reviews

Anyone who has ever wondered what colognes are imbued with the heavenly scent of sandalwood might want to pay attention to the following products. That’s because we looked both high and low to find the best sandalwood colognes available, and we believe that we have found the best one available. The test of a great sandalwood fragrance is its ability to use that scent without being overpowered by it, and we feel the below colognes do a good job of doing just that. Each of the following colognes uses sandalwood as their central scent, but they’re all still capable of retaining their true individuality and present something fresh and new to the wearer.

Best Sandalwood Colognes

10Penguin Original Premium Blend Cologne


Even though this is a cologne that has the most subtle infusion of sandalwood in it, it just so happens to be the best sandalwood cologne. That’s because it doesn’t overpower the wearer with the scent of sandalwood and instead slowly works it in as it slinks into its base. This cologne has top notes mint, lime and bergamot; heart notes of sea salt, rosemary and violet leaves; and has base notes of sandalwood, driftwood, and musk. The resulting elixir is one that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

9Proraso Red After Shave Lotion & Cologne


Anyone who thinks that an aftershave can’t match the sillage and projection of cologne has never tried Proraso Red. This aftershave not only splashes on smoothly, but it helps to build a lovely sandalwood scent profile that lingers with the man for most of the day. And this product doesn’t just have a nice smell to it, but it also helps to sooth razor-burned skin. It’s no wonder so many barbershops use this product to treat their customers. Once applied, this product makes the person feel like a true gentleman, a man among men who has enough class to use this product daily.

8Stetson Preferred Stock Cologne For Men


Anyone who thinks that this sandalwood cologne is merely for cowboys and ranch hands better think again. That’s because this scent is well-rounded enough to be enjoyed by any man that enjoys adventure and wants to project an aura of confidence. This fragrance starts with notes of leather, green grasses, and cool running streams that cement its masculine scent profile. It then moves into the citrus, vetiver and sandalwood notes that can be found at its heart. And by the time it finally settles down into its base, the wearer will be able to enjoy the muted scents of musk and resin.

7Stetson Caliber Men’s Cologne


Compared to some of the other sandalwood colognes on the market, Stetson Caliber is a fairly recent addition to the lineup. It was only introduced in 2014, so it hasn’t been around as long as some of the colognes by the big design houses. Even so, however, it’s still managed to make an impact and to draw its fair share of fans. That probably has a lot to do with the way this fragrance is crafted. It takes the aromatic wood smell of sandalwood and mixed with western-inspired fragrances such as American sequoia, key lime, black pepper, and nutmeg. All of which makes this the perfect cologne for the modern cowboy.

6Drakka Noir By Guy Laroche


Originally launched in 1982, this cologne by Guy Laroche was once considered a throwback to the heavy colognes of the 1980s and a scent that’s too dated. However, over the past few years, it has begun to make a comeback and men are once again appreciating this fragrance classic blend of scent notes. This scent has top notes of basil, mint, lemon, bergamot, and lavender. It also has heart notes that include carnations, coriander, jasmine, and wormwood. And finally, at its base, this cologne has notes of sandalwood, leather, patchouli, and cedar. It has a scent profile that’s can once again be appreciated by men who love an aromatic fragrance.

5Blazing Saddle Solid Sandalwood Cologne


Although some colognes use sandalwood to either create a more sophisticated scent profile or one that has more of an outdoor vibe, this solid cologne does things a little bit differently. It uses sandalwood to try to capture the essence of the Old West and they may have just succeeded in their quest. That’s because this quality solid cologne not only has a strong sandalwood smell to it, but it also has several traditional western scents that reinforce it. These include the scents of sagebrush, leather, and gunpowder. It’s an interesting scent profile for sure, and it is handmade in small batches to ensure quality.

4Cool Water By Davidoff For Men


Before they try this scent, some men erringly believe that it’s a citrus-based scent, which is understandable considering its name. After all, most colognes with water in their name have citrus or salt-based notes to them. This one is a little bit different, however. Although it does have green notes for its top notes, it’s a lovely smelling sandalwood scent. This fragrance starts with top notes of mint, seawater, and green notes; quickly move into heart notes of sandalwood, geranium, and jasmine, and then finally settle into its base notes of oakmoss, cedar, tobacco, and amber.

3Taylor Of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave


This sandalwood aftershave not only has a masculine scent but also helps to sooth razor-burned skin after shaving. It’s a scent that feels elegant and classic but isn’t stuffy like some other sandalwood colognes can be. That’s probably because it starts with top notes of amber, geranium, rosemary, and lavender before it moves into its more sophisticated core notes. At its heart, this fragrance has notes of ferns, carnations and orange blossoms, and at its base, it has notes of sandalwood, musk, cedar, patchouli, and vetiver. All of these scents come together to make a fragrance that’s as classy as it is masculine.

2L’Instant De Guerlain EDT Spray For Men


First released in 2003, this cologne is one that’s been going strong for the past 17+ years. That’s because it not only has the great scent of sandalwood at its base but is also formulated with several other exciting notes that complement its woody base. These include top notes of apples, bergamot and Mandarin oranged; heart notes of iris, magnolia, ylang-ylang, and jasmine; plus base notes of honey, vanilla and tonka beans to complement the great sandalwood scent. It all comes together to create a cologne that’s very masculine at its core but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

1Captain’s Choice Sandalwood After Shave


Even though this product from Captain’s Choice is technically an aftershave and not a cologne, it’s fragrance was too alluring to not put it on this list. When splashed on the skin, this product not only leaves the wearer with a fresh from the barbershop smell to them but will also help to replenish and sooth razor-burned skin. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and is contained within a glass bottle that doesn’t contribute to the plastic waste problem. And since each bottle sold helps support the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans, it’s not only a great sandalwood aftershave but it also does a whole lot of good, too.

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