10 Best Smelling Tom Ford Colognes for Men in 2020 – Reviews

best tom ford cologne men

Tom Ford is a big name in the fashion industry. He is one of the most respected American fashion designers who has made a significant impact in the global fashion industry. His creations are always magnificent and exhibiting signs of creativity.

Tom is known for turning Tom Ford into a high-end brand that is today. Since 2006, he has been busy releasing different fashion creations into the market and among them is the colognes for both men and women.

Just like his other creations, Tom’s colognes are doing well. Do you want to smell good? Here are the ten best smelling Tom Ford colognes.

Best Smelling Tom Ford Colognes for Men

1Tom Ford for Men


This is the first cologne that was launched under Tom Ford line, and it is the one that catapulted him in the fragrance industry. The cologne received a warm reception throughout the world, especially due to its subtle blend of the traditional and modern touch. It is a well-refined and sensual fragrance that is characterized by the fresh Mediterranean citrus aroma. It is also infused with the smell of sweet grapefruit, ginger, and deep greens.

The perfume carries a strong scent of amber and leatherwood. It is an ideal cologne that will give you a sense of masculinity when you are going out on a date.

2Tom Ford Grey Vetiver


This perfume is designed to reveal your masculinity. It adds some level of class and sophistication in you. The scent of this cologne is based on Vetiver, which is extracted through a smart and innovative technique. Grey Vetiver has a unique aroma, thanks to the potent ingredients that it contains.

The topmost layer of the fragrance has two principal components- grapefruit and aromatic sage. This segment is then balanced by warm woods accompanied by elements of nutmeg, orris, and pimiento. The bottom layer contains golden amber woods and oakmoss. These two are attributed to giving the cologne a greener impression.


3Tom Ford Extreme



It feels great to be told that you smell good. Although this may not be a common occurrence, some perfumes can make you achieve this feat, and one of them is Extreme which is also a member of the Tom Ford line. It has strong notes that will draw everyone closer to you.

Extreme can give out an irresistible scent, thanks to the presence of some powerful elements such as Persian lemon, Italian fig, decadent black, truffle, vintage patchouli, and cedarwood. The base of this perfume contains amber, balsam, fig, truffle, Haitian Vetiver, Vieux, and caramel.

On the other hand, chamomile, Thai basil, coriander, Persian lemon, cistus, cardamom and cinnamon bark make up the perfume’s topmost layer. Ingredients found in the middle note include cedarwood Atlas, Parma violet, sandalwood, saffron, thyme and black plum. A combination of these elements results to a perfect scent that any man will love.

4Tom Ford Tuscan Leather


This is another unisex perfume from Tom Ford that is known for its fascinating fragrance. It is rich in fresh ingredients such as saffron, thyme, black suede, blooming jasmine and leather amber. Elements of raspberry are added to give it a sensual touch and some level of sophistication. The perfume draws its inspiration from Tom Ford’s love of leather.

5Tom Ford Noir de Noir


This is an Asiatic perfume that can give a man a wave of new energy and confidence. Some of the most notable notes that are in it include black truffle, black rose, and woven saffron.

The key ingredients that contribute to these notes include vanilla, tree moss, patchouli, and even wood. The perfume is ideal for men who would like to have a calm and sensual scent.

6Tom Ford Amber Absolute (Unisex)


The notes in this fragrance evoke a sense of allure and charm in a man. The perfume’s building block is a honey scent which is strengthened with other notes from pure amber, African incense, rich wood, labdanum, and elements of vanilla bean.

Through this fragrance, intends to reveal his artistic aspect of life, especially when it comes to producing high-quality and desirable products. This is seen from the perfume’s packaging container. It is a state-of-art bottle that comes with a sleek design and structural outlook. You won’t just enjoy its scent; you will also be delighted by its outer countenance.

7Tom Ford Oud Wood


A quick review from most online shops is enough to tell you more about this fragrance. Customers laud it as one of the best fragrances for males. It has quite soft notes that give enough scent without outshining your presence. The perfume’s bottle is also worth laying your eyes on. It is a perfect bet for a cool or laid-back kind of man as it will still achieve its goal silently.

8Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille


This is a perfume that tries to bring together the elements of the old days’ man with those of a modern man. The top layer of the fragrance is rich in notes of aromatic spice and tobacco leaf. The middle layer contains notes of tobacco flowers, cocoa, and creamy tonka beans. The bottom layer comprises notes of dry fruit and wood sap.

9Tom Ford Italian Cypress (Unisex)


The Italian Cypress is a unisex fragrance whose scent was carefully crafted for the Tom Ford line. The scent is characterized by some elements of tradition and innovative modern ingredients. It has high notes of mandarin, spearmint, bergamot, clove, geranium, patchouli, moss, basil, rockrose, and cypress.

The immense contribution of Tom Ford in the fashion industry cannot be ignored. The above are some of the best smelling colognes from his brand. From the list, different colognes have different notes. It is upon you to decide which one best suits your style and preference.

10Tom Ford Black Orchid


Black Orchid is a unisex perfume, meaning that it doesn’t have specific users. Do you want to get all the attention in the room? The cologne is the right solution for such situations. It is heavy with fruit fragrance, which is balanced with medium notes of sultry woods.

The two ingredients amplify the natural elements of the perfume. It is a luxurious cologne that has an erotic touch and will make you command the attention of everyone.

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