Best Tory Burch Perfumes in 2020 – Reviews

Even though Tory Burch is a fashion house that’s only that only started creating perfumes since 2013 and has only about 13+ perfumes in their collection, we still think that it’s a company worth talking about. The first perfume they released was Tory Burch—a perfume that emphasizes the duality between true feminity and being a tomboy.

In the fragrance lab, this company isn’t afraid to mix fragrances in a way that other perfume houses would frown at doing. They’re always willing to experiment and to push the envelope. As a result, they have placed themselves into our purview, and as a result, we’ve written this review of their products. So without further ado, below are some of the best Tory Burch perfumes available currently.

Best Tory Burch Perfumes

6Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume For Women


Tory Burch Love Relentlessly is a perfume that inspires wearers to attach a few adjectives to it. It’s often described as being sweet, floral, and in more instances than not, very interesting. It was a scent that was launched only in 2016, but ever since then has managed to capture a lot of attention. This fragrance begins with top notes of lemon, raspberry, grapefruit, and pink pepper. Notes that are fruity and sweet but ultimately fleeting. Once the top notes have faded, the fragrance then moves into its heart; a heart that includes notes that are floral and includes such notes as jasmine, rose, and iris that’s been mixed with subtle hits of litchi. And finally, as the perfume shines down, the fragrance takes on its earthy base notes. Interesting notes that include amber, sandalwood, vetiver, and ultimately, patchouli. All of which makes this a perfume worth wearing and one that’s going to raise a lot of eyebrows. We loved it so much, we couldn’t help but name it the best Tory Burch perfume available.

5Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Spray


Tory Burch perfume is the very first fragrance released by this company and it was released at the end of September 2013. Since it was released, it has received a lot of attention from people who were interested in what this fragrance could provide them, and for the most part, these people weren’t disappointed. This fragrance was created by not only Tory Burch herself, but also Karyn Khoury from Estee Lauder Cosmetics. According to Tory Burch, they wanted to make a fragrance that explored the dual nature of being a woman: the feminine side and the tomboy side. The result is a perfume that has citrus and flower top notes, floral heart notes, and an earthy base. At its top, this perfume has notes of pink pepper, grapefruit, tuberose, and Mandarin orange. At its heart, this perfume is a virtual bouquet with notes of jasmine, neroli, mimosa, alyssum, and peony. And at its base can be found the earthy notes of cedar, sandalwood, musk, and vetiver.

4Tory Burch Bel Azur Eau de Parfum Spray


Tory Burch Bel Azur is a perfume that hasn’t been around for a long time, so not a lot of people have had the pleasure of trying it out yet. At least, that was the case when we first started reviewing it. This perfume was released in 2017 and is supposed to be a representation of sparkling clear ocean waters. It’s a perfume that’s encased in a beautiful case that hints at the adventure contained within it, but the perfume inside of it is what’s worth talking about. This perfume has a single top note of bergamot, and that note is then followed by the heart of the fragrance; a heart that consists of just two notes: peony and neroli. Holding up this simple, but alluring fragrance, is just two more notes that aim to center the whole fragrance. These two notes are cedar and vetiver. Although this fragrance doesn’t have the salty tinge we expected, we still feel that it’s a great perfume with a floral dry down many wearers are going to appreciate.

3Tory Burch Absolu Perfume


This perfume was released in 2015 and has been marketed as a floral fragrance. Although we did find that to be the case, we noticed that it wasn’t strictly what many people would consider a bouquet fragrance. No, it’s quite a complex fragrance that has spicy notes on top, along with the floral notes, and has a base that’s quite earthy. It’s this difference in notes that create a fragrance that seems to be more than meets the nose. The top of this fragrance has notes of black currant, pink pepper, and lily-of-the-valley. This perfume’s heart has notes of peony, neroli, and tuberose. And finally, it’s base includes notes of sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, and vetiver. It’s also a fragrance that has a moderate sillage, but its essence seems to linger a lot longer than other types of floral perfumes. It’s a fragrance that’s perfect to wear during a cool spring day, but its cedar notes might become a little too sharp if it’s worn on a hot and humid summer day. With that said, however, we still feel this is an exceptional fragrance many people are going to love to wear.

2Tory Burch Julie Fleur Verte Eau de Parfum Spray


Julie Fleur Verte is a fragrance that was released in 2015 and is composed of floral green notes that have soft sillage but manage to stay with the wearer a long time. This fragrance doesn’t have layers of notes the way that other perfumes do but is instead a steady stream of notes that stick with the wearer throughout the day. This scent starts off with a soft Mandarin orange note and then follows that up with notes of musk, cedar, green notes, jasmine, and neroli. For us, we felt that this perfume was the perfect spring perfume, although we aren’t too sure how the fragrance would work during the hot summer months. It’s light and airy floral profile does make it a good perfume for most social occasions and for wearing throughout the day.

1Tory Burch Nuit Azur Perfume


Although it does seem like many Tory Burch perfumes are designed for the daylight hours, this perfume proves that not all of them are. This fragrance seems like it was specifically created for wearing at night. It’s a woody/floral fragrance that was released in 2018 and has a moderate sillage and longevity to it. This fragrance begins with the most interesting combination of top notes including notes of orange, fig, and violet leaves. It then turns to its heart notes; heart notes that include a floral bouquet of jasmine, freesia, orange blossom, and peony. By the time the perfume fades into its base, the wearer will begin to notice distinct notes of patchouli, cedar, musk, and vetiver. Even though we know that this scent might not be for everyone, we feel that most people who try it are going to be impressed by its combination of notes and its dark ambiance. It is a scent for the night and one that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

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A Guide To Tory Burch Fragrances

Even though we’ve already uncovered many of the marvelous fragrances by Tory Burch that they’ve released over the past few years, we feel that a deeper dive into their fragrances—and ultimately, their brand—is worth doing, so that’s precisely what we’re going to do in this guide. We’re going to find out what makes these perfumes so exciting and which of this brand’s fragrance lines are worth considering and which ones are better left alone. Now that we’ve stated our purpose with this guide, let’s get it started with a brief history of the company. 

The History Of Tory Burch Perfumes

We might not know much about the woman behind this company—the incomparable Tory Burch herself—we do know that her company was founded in February of 2004. It was launched in conjunction with its retail store, a store that was opened in the Nolita district of Manhattan. 

Immediately upon opening her retail store, the company sold all of its available stock. This should’ve been an indication to most people how popular this brand was going to become. Its popularity was further enhanced when the Opray Winfrey Show featured the company in 2005 and calling the company one of the next big things to hit the fashion industry. 

Over the nearly two decades since the company was started, the brand has opened almost 300 stores all over the world including flagship stores in Los Angeles, New York City, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, London, And even Seoul. In 2013, the company launched its first fragrance—the aptly named Tory Burch—and that was done in collaboration with Estee Lauder. 

Since that auspicious fragrance line launch in 2013, this company has produced over 13+ perfumes. Many of these perfumes are contained within their two fragrance collections: Jolie Fleur and Love Relentlessly, and others are not contained in their own collections (at least not yet) and serve as stand-alone fragrances. 

Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the fragrances that this company produces. Although some of the following perfumes may not have made it on our list of the best Tory Burch perfumes, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t exceptional in their own right and aren’t worth investigating. Now, let’s get started and explore them to see what they have to offer. 

Tory Burch Fragrances & Fragrance Collections

We think that we’re going to begin this section by starting with the two Tory Burch Collections before we turn our attention to some of their stand-alone fragrances. This will allow us to group similar products together, which can make the process of purchasing a fragrance a lot easier for all of our readers. 

The Jolie Fleur Collection

As the name of this collection implies, it’s mainly fragrances that are designed around a floral element. For example, Jolie Fleur Blue features tuberose, jasmine, and violet leaf paired with amber, cedar, and Mandarin orange. Jolie Fleur Lavande features notes of freesia, peony, and lavender that’s paired with iris, violet, magnolia, and base notes that include Tonka bean and musk. Some of the perfumes in this collection include: 

  • Jolie Fleur Bleue (2015)
  • Jolie Fleur Rose (2015)
  • Jolie Fleur Verte (2015)
  • Jolie Fleur Lavande (2017)

The Love Relentlessly Collection

Although the name of this fragrance doesn’t tip its hand as to the fragrance the wearer can expect out of it as the Jolie Fleur collection does, it does hint that the fragrances are geared towards the amorously inclined. Apparently, that means perfumes that have a citrus and/or fruity top layer, a floral heart and have base notes that are earthy and sensual. Some of the notes that can be found in these perfumes include black currant, lemon, raspberry, grapefruit, pink pepper, jasmine, rose, iris, litchi, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. At the time of this review, this collection had two perfumes in it and we’ve listed those two below:

  • Love Relentlessly (2016)
  • Love Relentlessly Fou de Toi (2018)

Other Notable Tory Burch Perfumes

As promised, we didn’t just want to cover the best Tory Burch perfumes or even the perfumes that fell into specific collections, we wanted to cover all of the ones that we feel are unique or compelling. Perfumes that set themselves apart from the other fragrances that are currently being produced. In other words, the fragrances that define Tory Burch perfumes and allow the consumer to embrace the energy of the company. That’s why we recommend that all of our readers to at least consider the following fragrances when they’re choosing their next perfume. 

  • Tory Burch Just Like Heaven (2018)
  • Tory Burch Knock On Wood (2019)