Best Unscented Deodorants in 2020 – Reviews

Although there are numerous reasons why a person may not want to buy a scented deodorant, most of the time it comes down to one of four different reasons. People either want a deodorant that won’t conflict with their cologne or perfume, they’re skin is sensitive to scent additives, they don’t like the way deodorants smell or they simply prefer a more natural product.

Finding an unscented product isn’t always very easy, however. At least, it’s not easy to find a product that doesn’t contain any added fragrances and still performs well. That’s why we’ve decided to do a little bit of research and find out which unscented deodorants were the best. And our results can be found below.

Best Unscented Deodorants

10Arm & Hammer Ultramax Unscented Solid


Arm & Hammer Ultramax is an unscented invisible solid antiperspirant that’s designed to handle underarm odor and wetness no matter how active the user is during their day. It does this using a blend of Aluminum Zirconium Triclorohydax 19%, sodium bicarbonate, modified corn starch, and talc. This combination not only absorbs excess underarm moisture but also helps to stop underarm sweat production. It also helps to reduce bacteria levels in the armpit area, and that also helps stop body odor. Overall, it’s a high-quality deodorant that gets the job done and does it without containing any added fragrances.

9Sure Invisible Solid Unscented Deodorant


Sure uses one of the strongest antiperspirants available to fight underarm wetness and odor. This ingredient is known as Aluminum Zirconium Triclorohydax 19%, and it works by blocking the sweat glands in the wearer’s underarm region. With the sweat glands blocked, the user’s underarms are not only drier, but they don’t provide bacteria with a hospitable environment to thrive. This process drives down bacteria levels and ensures that the user remains odor-free for the day. Although some deodorants will have consumers believe that they need to contain fragrances to work effectively, this product will prove that’s simply not the case.

8Mitchum Men Gel Antiperspirant


What makes this antiperspirant unique among the many unscented deodorants currently available in stores and online is that it uses a Triple Odor Defense System that handles body odor and perspiration in several different ways. It starts by blocking sweat glands, so there’s no sweat for bacteria to live on and that it balances the pH levels of the wearer’s armpits. And then the final part of this system kicks in when the person’s body heat rises due to increased physical activity or stress. This allows this product to give the wearer up to 48-hours of odor and wetness protection and do it without interfering with the wearer’s cologne.

7Almay Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant


This scent-free deodorant not only is free of fragrances but has been allergy tested by dermatologists and found to be a healthier deodorant solution for individuals with sensitive skin. This formula goes on cleanly, doesn’t stain clothing, and dries quickly. Immediately after application, this product goes to work eliminating underarm odor and wetness, so the user can go on with their day with confidence. It doesn’t matter how active a person is or how much stress they encounter during their workday, this product will take care of underarm perspiration and odor effectively. It’s a scent-free antiperspirant that won’t stain clothing and never causes skin irritation.

6Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant


This deodorant doesn’t have to use fragrances to cover up underarm odor because it has two special ingredients that can eliminate odor. The first ingredient that can be found in this formula is Aluminum Chlorohydrate 18%, a powerful antiperspirant that prevents underarm glands from producing the sweat that bacteria loves to eat. The next ingredient is Kihada Extract, an ingredient that helps to balance natural pH users in the armpit area so bacteria can’t produce odorous by-products. The result is a formula that can stop underarm wetness and odor all day and well into the night.

5Arrid XX Antiperspirant Solid Deodorant


Designed for people with really active lifestyles and for those who prefer unscented products over scented products, this deodorant from Arrid can provide a full 48-hours of odor and wetness protection. In this deodorant is a powerful antiperspirant that can stop sweat production in its tracks and also ingredients that help to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. This potent combination means that this product doesn’t have to cover up offensive body odors with sickeningly sweet fragrances, but instead can help to stabilize the wearer’s pH levels for better results. And it’s a solid deodorant, it’s easy to apply and it won’t stain clothing.

4Mitchum Women Clinical Gel Antiperspirant


Mitchum Women Clinical Gel Unscented Antiperspirant is a product that gets down to the root of most underarm problems and tackles the user’s sweat production. Once this product is applied to the underarm area, it will stop sweat and body odor for up to 48-hours at a time. And because it’s clear, it will never leave any white marks on clothing during use. This is probably one of the strongest unscented antiperspirants currently available and one that can keep women’s underarms dry and odor-free so they can get on with their day. That makes it suitable for anyone looking for clinical performance and an unscented formula all in one.

3Secret Antiperspirant & Deodorant For Women


Secret Deodorant once upon a time had a slogan that said their deodorants were strong enough for a man but made for women, and that phrase goes for their unscented formula as well. This formula is capable of fighting underarm perspiration and odor by preventing the wearer from sweating. With the wearer producing less sweat, there’s less for bacteria to feast on and there’s less body odor. Although some commercial deodorants only cover up a person’s underarm odor, this one helps to get to the root of the problem. And since it goes on invisibly, it won’t stain clothing when it’s applied.

2Green Tidings Organic All-Natural Deodorant


Green Tidings is well known for making products that are free of many of the chemical concoctions that can be found in commercial deodorants. In fact, they’ve won several awards for their dedication to producing green eco-friendly products, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that they also make one of the best-unscented deodorants as well. But this product isn’t just free of fragrances, it’s also free of many different compounds that may agitate sensitive skin. This product is grain-free, soy-free, free of mineral salts that may contain aluminum compounds, mineral oil, phthalates, and petrolatum. The ingredients that can be found in it include coconut oil, shea butter, tapioca starch, wildcrafted candelilla wax, magnesium oil, and sodium bicarbonate.

1Vanicream Aluminum-Free Sensitive Skin Deodorant


This product isn’t just unscented, it’s actually free of a lot of other chemical compounds that can be harmful to people with sensitive skin. This advanced deodorant formulation doesn’t contain any fragrances, dyes, lanolin or parabens. It’s also free of all formaldehyde and formaldehyde precursors. Another thing that won’t be found in this formula is aluminum, an ingredient that can irritate sensitive skin. And this product is also free of talc, alcohol, gluten and baking soda. That makes this dermatologist-tested deodorant a suitable choice for anyone who wants to combat underarm odors but wants to do it without putting a lot of chemical additives on their skin. And that makes it a healthier, scent-free choice for a lot of people.

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