Best Cheap Colognes for Men that Smell Good in 2020

cheap cologne for men

When some men think of budget colognes, they think of inexpensive toilet water that not only has a profoundly offensive scent to it but is also most-likely made with low-quality ingredients. However, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. A good men’s cologne doesn’t have to be expensive to deliver the smell and the confidence that men desire. And the following colognes prove this all too well.

The below list of the ten best cheap colognes for men are products that aren’t merely defined by their price but also deliver a great scent to the wearer. The following colognes can deliver a high-quality scent that lasts all day because they don’t spend a fortune on celebrities or ad campaigns. These inexpensive men’s fragrances deliver value to the man trying to smell his best.

Best Cheap Men’s Colognes – The list

9Glenn Perri Unpredictable Men’s Eau De Toilette Spray


Designed by the design house of Glenn Perri, this high-quality product is designed to not only provide a distinctly masculine scent but also deliver it with a touch of class. This formula can be used by men with all kinds of different skin types and is especially gentle on men with sensitive skin.

It provides soft, subtle tones that will not only make the man smell better but will invigorate his senses. Bottled in a 3.4-ounce spray bottle that’s easy to carry just about anywhere, this cologne is always ready to provide its wearer with a soft scent that’s suitable from the boardroom to the bedroom.

8Pheromones For Men Pheromone Cologne


While the jury is still out on whether pheromones added to colognes actually help to attract women’s attention, one thing is for sure: this cologne has a nice scent that any man will appreciate.

Formulated using an extra-strength concentration of human-grade pheromones, including androstenone and androstenol, this cologne has one of the highest concentrations of pheromones of just about any other low-cost men’s cologne currently available.

This product never burns the skin when it’s applied and provides a scent that’s designed to last all day. All of which makes this a high-quality product than many men will love wearing.

7Adidas Moves For Men


Although Adidas is a brand that’s usually known for shoe and active wear lines, over the past few years they’ve really wandered quite successfully into the cologne industry. This fragrance has a wonderful combination of floral and masculine scents that make it just a joy to wear. Some of the scents which can be found in this cologne include notes of black pepper, green apple, mint, pineapple, and mandarin orange.

And those are just this cologne’s top notes. Underneath these notes are middle notes of cedar, lavender, and geranium. Notes which are then supported by sandalwood, and thyme base notes. All of which makes this a cologne worth investigating.

6Yves De Sistelle Thallium


Men looking for a cologne that isn’t overpowering and is specifically designed for informal or casual use may want to take a closer look at this product. Specially formulated by the design house of Yves De Sistelle, this high-quality and inexpensive cologne for men is a wonderful blend of fragrances that make it ideal for day-to-day wear.

Made from only the highest quality ingredients, this product will make any man smell like a million bucks and do it without emptying out his wallet. All of which makes this French-made cologne a suitable product for any man, regardless of nationality.

5David Beckham Instinct EDT Spray


Usually, a cologne that bears the name of a famous celebrity is more expensive than it should be, but that simply isn’t the case with this product. Although it bears David Beckham’s name, it’s still as affordable as many lesser quality colognes. Which makes it a suitable product to be worn for a night out on the town or for that romantic dinner with a special someone.

This line of colognes was launched in 2005 and has been going strong for over a decade now. Some of the notes found in this formula include bergamot, vetiver, mandarin orange, pimento, star anise, and patchouli.

4Nautica Classic for Men


Although Nautica is a product that goes all the way back to the 1990s, it still delivers a scent that makes men feel confident, and women really enjoy. This product contains top notes of lime, coriander, cypress, aldehydes, clay, sage and lemon in a fabulous fragrance blend that’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

Underneath those top notes are middle notes of geranium, rose and caraway, a combination which is all balanced on a full suite of base notes that include oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and even cedar notes. Who says that men’s cologne can have a masculine wood profile without having an overpowering smell to it? Absolutely no one who’s smelled this cologne.

3Adidas Team Force


Adidas Team Force is a light, airy cologne which is ideal for daytime use and for wearing during the spring or summer months. It has a beautiful blend of fragrances which make it quite a pleasure to wear.

When it’s first put on, it delivers a citrus smell that contains top notes of grapefruit, orange, pineapple, and mandarin orange. Then it’s the wearer begins to notice its middle notes which happen to be a combination of juniper and jasmine.

It finishes itself off with a very masculine base level which includes notes of tobacco, amber, musk, and sandalwood. A combination that many men will enjoy.

2Jovan Musk By Jovan For Men


Most people who smell this men’s cologne will agree that it provides a luxurious floral scent but manages to do it without losing its masculinity. It’s a very competent blend of fragrances which is not only good enough for daily wear but is also suitable for wearing during a night out on the town.

This formula is so well-balanced, it can be worn just about any time of the year, regardless of season or activity. Some of the scents that men can expect to find in this formula include notes of neroli, musk, bergamot, and jasmine. All of which also makes this cologne a very subtle fragrance for just about any man to enjoy.

1Yacht Man Metal by Myrurgia


Although this cologne has been around for a while, it’s still a scent that many men enjoy wearing. Designed in 2005, this product provides a profound combination of scents which will make just about any man smell his best. It’s best worn during the spring and summer months but is acceptable for both daytime and nighttime use.

This cologne contains an interesting blend of scents which include a number of different citrus notes combined with mysterious spicy notes and finished off with musky and woodsy notes. All of which work together to provide the man with a scent that’s truly masculine but isn’t overpriced.

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How to Look for the Best Cheap Cologne for Men

While the whole point of this article is to let you know that there are inexpensive colognes available for men, I feel like I should offer a word of caution. There are plenty of cheap colognes for men which aren’t very good. In fact, there seems to be an almost supply of them that can be found in discount bins and are sold by websites all over the Internet, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

Having given you that warning, I want to say that there are also plenty of good ones available for a bargain. All you have to do is separate the wheat from the chaff. Which is to say that you really have to learn how to differentiate the good colognes from the bad ones if you are going to buy an affordable cologne for men. And I feel like this is somewhat of an art. Fortunately, it’s an art that can easily be taught—which is what I’m about to do right now. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-understand guide on buying an affordable men’s cologne, then read on.

Understanding Fragrance Concentration

Many people believe that the terms Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau Fraiche and Parfum are thrown around randomly in the cologne and perfume industry, but they actually have very specific meanings that alert you to the concentration of fragrance used in the product.

For example, Eau Fraiche is an extremely weak solution that only contains about 1-3% cologne oil in a water and/or alcohol solution. This means that is will last about an hour. Below are the rest of the concentration levels for various cologne products and how long they should last when they’re first applied.

Eau de Cologne: This usually contains about 4% or less of cologne oil in its mixture. It’s one of the most used determiners for cheap men’s colognes and will usually last about 2-hours or so before it dissipates.

Eau de Toilette: Also found in inexpensive men’s colognes, this determiner is used to describe colognes which have anywhere from 5-15% cologne oil. As such, it will last approximately 4-hours or so.

Eau de Parfum: Usually with a cologne oil mixture of about 20%, this product will provide 6-8 hours of fragrance. It’s a very common determiner for more expensive higher-end colognes.

Parfum: This formula has the highest concentration of cologne oil, about 30%, and is consequently one of the more expensive cologne formulations.

As you can see from the above list, you are going to want to avoid the colognes on the lower end of the spectrum, because of their low-quality, and you’ll also want to avoid the expensive formulas on the other end of the spectrum. Avoid Eau Fraiche formulations altogether, and try to shop from either the Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette categories for the best balance of quality to price.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when searching for a bargain cologne for men is to consider the cologne’s fragrance notes. If you read through the descriptions of most colognes on the Internet, then you’ve probably come across three very peculiar terms: base notes, medium notes, and top notes.

The only things that these terms tell you is an approximation of how long the notes described will last. For example, suppose a cologne says that it has citrus top notes. All that means is that citrus fragrance is the first thing you’ll notice when you apply the cologne and that it will last for an approximate amount of time before it then yields to the cologne’s middle notes and then it’s base notes.

Top notes last anywhere from 15-minutes to 2-hours and are generally made with spicy, citrusy or floral scents. Medium notes are usually stronger than the top notes and last anywhere from 3 to 5-hours.

Medium notes usually consist of more grounded scents such as clove, jasmine or cinnamon. At the base of the cologne are base notes. These notes develop towards the end of the fragrance and last however long the cologne last. Good base notes in a male cologne usually are masculine and include scents such as oakmoss, sandalwood, tobacco, vanilla or leather.

Scent Before Style

When choosing a budget cologne for men, you are going to want to make sure that you consider the scent of the product and not its style. Just because a specific cologne has a celebrity’s name slapped on it doesn’t mean it’s a great product. Likewise, just because a cologne isn’t endorsed by a celebrity doesn’t mean that it’s not a great scent. In our experience, adding a celebrity’s name to a cologne just raises the price of it and doesn’t add any real value.

Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t good celebrity branded colognes available. In fact, we’ve seen a few of them over the years. All that it means is that the cologne should be based on what it smells like and not its branding.

Consider the Notes

Finally, you should also consider when and where you are going to wear your cologne to determine which notes you will want in your cologne. For example, during the spring months, you may want to choose a cologne with green notes or flowery notes. During the summer months, you may want to choose a cologne with more citrus notes, and during the fall, you may want to choose colognes which have an earthier or a spicier note profile.

Also, think about whether you are going to be wearing the cologne during the day or during the night. Some notes are lighter and are better for daytime use, and others are heavier or more sensual and are therefore more suited to night use. If you keep all of these things in mind when you are shopping for a discounted men’s cologne, then you will greatly increase your chances of buying a cologne which not only suits your personal lifestyle but also your personal style.