Best 5 Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne For Men in 2020 – Reviews

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Ralph Lauren designs are not only clean and classic, they are also colorful. Outside the clothing world, Ralph Lauren Polo enjoys great success in the eau de toilette realm. For some decades now, the company has been producing colognes as well as perfumes for men that perform and also smell great.

In the past, Ralph Lauren Polo colognes for men were conceived to be meant for people who wanted to feel noble, rich, and buoyant. However, over the year the fragrances have conformed to a modern and fashionable blend of spice and woody elements thus making them to more exciting, bold, and also alluring without losing their class and elegance. Below are the best 5 Ralph Lauren Polo colognes for men

Best 5 Ralph Lauren Polo Colognes for Men

5Polo Red Intense


The Polo Red Intense cologne for Men by Ralph Lauren was first introduced in 2015. The cologne is an intense version of the Polo Red eau de toilette with a strong spicy aroma. The Top notes of the cologne are blood grapefruit, cranberry, lemon and saffron while ginger, coffee, sage and lavender are its middle notes.

On the other hand, the perfume’s base notes are amber, red cedar and leather Spray. This top quality cologne is ideal for people looking out for a cologne with a darker scent profile. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense for Men offers a long lasting blend of spice and wood which is not only earthy but also elegant.

4Polo Black


Polo Black by Ralph Lauren is a luxury fragrance that was first launched in 2005. The cologne was designed by the well-known Pierre Negrin. Polo Black is a simple and bold scent that blends silver armoise, iced mango, Spanish sage, and patchouli noir into an exceptional and sophisticated fragrance that lasts between 1-2 hours after application.

The product has a woody fragrance, with subtle citrus notes that offers it a fresh, clean feel. Polo Black is specially designed to create an air of elegance thus making it to be a great choice for special events and occasions.

3Ralph Lauren Polo Red


Sweet, warm, with spice is the best description for this fragrance. The scent of the cologne revolves around a strong. The top, middle as well as the base notes of the fragrance include red grapefruit, hot amber, red saffron, redwood, sage, and redolent coffee beans. The cologne is invigorating as well as exotic thus giving men an exciting fragrance option that’s ideal for any event or occasion.

The eau de toilette also works perfectly as a signature cologne for men since it has a masculine vibe. Moreover, the product’s soft sillage has a cool feel that creates an impression of wealth and warmth with an intelligent twist of a hazy seduction & intimacy.

2Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren


Polo Blue for men by Ralph Lauren was first introduced in 2002. The cologne is an energizing as well as a refreshing eau de toilette that arouses feelings of rolling fields and open sky. Polo Blue contains notes of basil, melon, verbena and washed suede with undertones of amber which produce an aquatic scent.

What makes this top quality fragrance to be unique and remarkable is the cool and casual vibe that it offers. Moreover, Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren boasts of a light, airy scent that is a great for warm spring and summer afternoons. The products straight-from-the-shower impression makes it perfect for outdoors as well as formal occasions.

1Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men (Green)


Polo green is the original polo fragrance. The fragrance was first launched in 1978 and it has remained to be one of the best scents in the Ralph Lauren fragrance collection. The product survived the test of time and set the foundation for all the other colognes in the Ralph Lauren fragrance collection. The eau de toilette features oriental undertones with notes of leather, tobacco, wood, basil as well as oak moss.

The Polo green by Ralph Lauren is ideal for active men in the office as well as out on the golf course. The fragrance is a great choice for important occasions such as social functions, business meeting or dinner dates

Now you can make use of your knowledge of Ralph Lauren’s colognes for men to make an informed decision the next time you decide to purchase a Polo fragrance.

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